July challenge week 4

Im writing this weeks blog mostly from a beautiful Villa in Mallorca. My family and i have travelled out to celebrate my big sisters big 3 – 0 birthday! be fear not, my plan to run everyday is still going ahead, i hope. Man its hot out here, most days reaching 35+ degrees! Im planning to run early, but im quite nervous about running around on my own. So we will see.

24-7-17 Hubby and i ran together for 3.5 miles today, same route in Binissalem avg speed 8.24. This route starts on a gravel path, road, gravel path and road again finishing on the same stretch of gravel. Im definetly a road runner, gravel paths thow me!

25-7-17 Today was a busy busy day, we went to Palma and caught a train to Soller. We were up so early my run had to wait. I wasn’t sure i was going to make todays run, hubby wasn’t feeling it and we had walked so much today. Anyway, i changed as soon as we got in and set off, i knew if i waited around i would never run. My legs are tired and heavy, i cant quit now. 25 days in. Today was mainly road, avg 8.17 just 2 miles. its was hot and hard, im so tired!

26-7-17 ive woken up full of determination. I missing a longer run. Hubby is soundo, i dont want to wake him so i sneak out nice and early. My confidence is growing, i feel pretty safe out here and im doing the same route we have done all week. This morning is the coolest its been and im going to take advantage. I set off and my legs feel surprisingly good, i thought i would be struggling more by now, im realising the only struggle is in my head, my legs are more than capable for this challenge and running more distance. Maybe next mouth i can challenge my brain to be more positive? back to my run, i enjoyed it and did 5 miles avg 8.18 i finish my run feeling very pleased with myself.
27-7-17 home time 😦 this is my last run in Binissalem, Hubby has joined me and we do a little 3.5 miles avg 8.19. I have enjoyed running through the little town here and i will miss it. It warmed up again today and it is hot hot hot! last day to chill by the pool and get a few last lenghts in!

28-7-17 Back at home, back to normal and reality. Im working today 9-6 and planning to run after. im absolutely beat so a quick round the block to keep me going is all i can manage. 2 miles avg 8.20

29-7-17 Over the last few days i have developed a bit of a cold, im feeling sorry for myself but now so close to the end i dont want to stop running. Straight out of bed i grab pooch and do another quick 2 miles. Not as slow as i thought now looking at strava, 8.34 avg. im hoping for a long run and maybe a cheeky gym session tomorrow… lets see how i feel.

30-7-17 todays run was 5 miles and a gym session in the middle. Hubby and i went out with pooch, they ran with me to the gym and then they went home, i did my work out and ran home. Not as long as i wanted but as usual i got a bit carried away in the gym on my legs, i will never learn!

31-7-17 my last run day! i cant believe i have made it this far! so today i ran 3 miles before work. I could of carried on but time was against me. I have finished on a high 😀

So thats it. My running challenge has FINISHED! I feel a sense of relief as i really wanted to do this, i put pressure on myself not to quit, even on holiday. There were many days i didnt want to run, my legs felt tight and heavy.  This challenge has taught me i CAN do it! I CAN run, daily, short distances, longer distances, 2 hours ect my body can do it, now i need to work on a more positive mind. I want to enjoy my runs more and work towards my new challenge… a Marathon. Maybe not this year but its definetly in my plan.

My month July miles: 136.1

Now time to celebrate with some new trainers!!

Sparkle away,

A x


July challenge week 3

Im still alive!! who would of thought it! yesterday was a toughie, but im feeling great! Im so glad yesterdays run is done (although im already thinking about next years!!)

SO my challenge continues. I must admit i thought i would struggle more to keep it up but im enjoying it. The time i spend running really helps and im finding it easier the more i run! i really thought it would be the other way around 😀

17-7-17: After yesterdays run im thinking a 2 mile run is all i can handle. So my morning walk was a gentle run with pooch averaging 9min miles, im happy with that.

18-7-17: Early morning run, i woke up at 5.30 so thought what better use of my time that to run 🙂 off i set planning 4 miles, but for some reason i quite fancied going through the forest. I’m so glad i did, my run was quite nostalgic listening to my old favourite band Blue. I was in the zone, my 4 miles turned into 7! It just felt so good so i kept going, my legs are struggling now! everytime i have to go up the stairs!

20-7-17 again this morning I wanted a small run, it turned in to a 6 miler 🙈 I set off with hubby along a favorite cycle track of ours and then decided to head back over the familer end to the St George’s route. I have stoped so many times along Marvel lane I was determined to complete it just once 😂 and I did. The start of this run was quite painful, my legs just feel like they dont have the get up and go attitude I want them to have. Never mind, our family holiday starts in just a few hours, I’ll be running still just a few less miles!

21-7-17 hello Menorca! What a great way to start our holiday 😊 just a nice easy 3miles, again my legs started feeling stiff and tights, not wanting to go. I knew as soon as I warmed up they would be fine (although you would think the 25°C+ would of helped with that!) It was toughy, it was 7am home.time and 8am here, the sun is already beaming down and it’s hot! Hubby and I have found a nice track though, I’m sure this will be come part of my daily route!

22-7-17 I ran solo today, and got lost 🙈 not too lost, I added another mile in yesterday’s run finding my way through town, I set of a bit earlier today but I was still soo hot! 4 miles and I’m completely drenched in sweat – I can’t help but think of all the extra calories in burning! More ice cream for me later 😂

23-7-17 so this morning running really wasn’t on my agenda, I’m thinking of excuses’s of why I can’t run. I’ve decided to settle on a 45min core work out and a 20min yoga session. Guilt soon fills me and through the day I’m thinking more and more about how I need to get this run in. Lucky for me, the clouds come over after a trip out and hubby and I decide to do a quick run before dinner! It’s still bloody hot tho!

This week I have finished with a total of 28.8 miles, no actual gym sessions but an abs class and a home work out and 2ish yoga sessions. Even with this beautiful holiday I’m still on target. I’m glad I have this challenge as it really is pushing my fitness to the next level. My legs are getting tighter so I’m hoping a little bit of swimming and some more stretching will do the trick!

Now… For next week 🏃‍♀️👋

Sparkle always,

A x

July Challenge week 2

Week 2 of my July challenge and im still going! I must admit i thought i would have given up by now, i have surprised myself. I started this week tired from last and the long run i had done yesterday. Im now dreading next week when yesterdays long run will turn in to race day!

10-7-17 Forest run, i really really wasnt feeling this run this evening, but hubby took me and the pooch to the forest and we did a really lovely 3 miles. It was a prefect evening and my legs really needed the run, although a flat route would of been preferred!!

11-7-17 Gym run. Normally i would go to the gym in Mondays and track train on Tuesdays, but with running everyday and the race on Sunday i thought it would be best to skip track, especially as this evening they are doing a 5k Championships- im definitely not feeling that! So a little jog to the gym, a sort of all over work out and then i finished of running home and rounding my miles up to 3. A lot flatter than yesterday so much better for the legs! – squats not so 😀

12-7-17 Morning run with Sammy, today was okay, just a little 2 miles to start my day. Wednesday is yoga day and i have also decided to go to a 30min ab class… this was very good, i really enjoyed abs and will go again 🙂 today was my day off work, what better excuse do I need to bake? Sticky lemon tray bake 🤤 for 1 😂

13-7-17 Evening run. Today should of been a club run, i really wanted to go but as soon as i found out the route i knew i wasnt up for it. With the race not to long away i did not need those hills in my life!! So hubby and i had a lovely jog down by the river, a total of 6 mile. I really found this run hard, my legs are starting to feel really heavy and tired. I have a sore knee which flares up from time to time, now is the time 😦  I need a day off but i refuse to take it. A short 2 miles is the closest im getting to a rest!
14-7-17 2 miles – thats all i can do. First thing with Sam around our way before work. Im finding it hard – but i wont give in!

15-7-17 2 miles- its race day tomorrow, there is no need for me to go to crazy. My weekly mileage has already increased and i really dont want to over do it for tomorrow. I ran slightly quicker than yesterday, probably as i didnt have the pooch sniffing a weeing round every corner!

16-7-17 RACE DAY – the day i have been dreading all week. I have been so worried about today! St Georges 10 miles road race. This is our clubs race and they have done such a great job! this is the toughest run i have done to date! it may not be the longest distance but those hills!! the were so tough and the heat today! it started cloudy but the sun broke through and wow! it was a stonker! I worry so much and didnt think i would finish this run, with a stick at 6 miles and my knee choosing to pipe up around mile 8 – there were times i though i just couldnt finish. It may not of been a PB for me but it was a course record ( as i have only done it once previously!) i finished in 83 mins 30 sec, coming overall 43rd out of 147. I cant believe it but i was the first lady back for the road runners! getting myself a extra medal for being part of the second lady’s team! it was a struggle, but my 2 new medals make it all worth it!

A big well done to all the runners today! all the mashals and the IOW road runner committee for making today happen and making it such a sucess! You guys are the best and im so glad to be part of the best running club of all time!


So this week i really have gone through the running mill of emotions, but im finishing on a high! Ready to carry on my running next week – even with our holiday starting Thursday i still plan to run daily!! Lets hope its not to hot!!!

Sparkle away,

A x

my July journey

July 2017 – My personal challenge

1-7-17 the start – today i have decided to challenge myself to RUN everyday. I want to do this challenge as right now im not sure i will be able to do it as i have a holiday coming up and i work crazy hours, but i feel determined! I want to increase my fitness and running ability, and surely this can only be achieved by running more!

My plan is to train on Tuesdays, Yoga on Wednesdays and Club run on Thursdays. I will aim to do a long run over the weekend and smaller runs with my pooch on those days i’m going to the gym or yoga. Hopefully i will still manage 2 gym sessions a week too!

Today i did 5 miles. 42 mins of running along the river. It was a beautiful day with a slight breeze. Perfect to start my challenge and get me motivated for the rest of the month!


10 miles. Sunday flat run with hubby. Well this was the plan, until we started running! We ended up doing a 12 mile run (my longest run for quite a few weeks) and it was quite hilly towards the end! It was a really beautiful run, the sun was still shining today, we went by the river and into the forest so it was nice a cool. Runs like this make me want to run on and on and on! A lovely easy run, i’m not sure how i will feel during tomorrows run!


2 miles with pooch ❤ i woke up this morning knowing my run was looming, i though it would be best to get my running gear on and go! and that’s what i did! I couldn’t bring myself to do 3 miles as my legs were tight! so i thought it would be best to enjoy my running instead of doing to much and hating the rest of the month. It was a long working day for me and i was so pleased i got up this morning and went. DAY 3 DONE


Training day! keeping a positive mind set is key. I’m quite new to training and with Sundays run still in my legs i knew tonight would be a toughie! but as always, i feel so much better for going (even though after every lap i was convinced i was going to quit! i didn’t.. i kept going) i went and now I’ve had dinner i feel great!! 😀 we did 6 x 1k reps and 4 x 500’s.. i am KNACKERED! tomorrow is yoga and i need it!!



2 mile run with pooch to start my day, followed by 1hr of arms and core and then a good 1hr 15 mins of yoga. I was so looking forward to this yoga class as it a harder class and i LOVED it. It was a slightly faster paced class, i really felt great after my mornings workout ❤


Massively busy day at work today followed by a 4.1 mile Club team run, This was such a fun run! it was Girls vs Boys. We firstly nominated our team time, and then set off! faster runners looped back ending up doing more miles – but this ment we all finished in our teams. no clock watching aloud! as girls are the best we, of course! won!! 🙂 this really was fun as i spent time talking to the members of the club and really enjoying the run. I ended up doing  5.5 miles with the club, 1/2 a mile there and back and a quick mile with the pooch after. a total of 7.5 miles!



ok, ive done my normal 20 weekly mines already, im slightly worried about doing to many to quickly, but i set myself a challenge, im not stopping now.  Work done, im off to the gym. today i only did a 1 mile on the treadmill followed by 30 minutes workout. i feel bad for only doing 1 mile, but i on a time limit today and i still ran! a runs a run right? i did realise today i really dont like the treadmill anymore! considering this is how i started running, i much more about running outdoors and seeing the scenery!


morning run with my fave running buddy 😀 2 little miles.. already for my long run tomorrow!


Long run today! We ran with the club this morning, 10 miles around a course we will be racing next week. It was long, hilly and very very hot!  I’m glad we did it but i cant say i’m looking forward to racing it next week. so far the hardest run i have done! lets hope its a little cooler next time! I totaled 12.3 miles as we ran there and back!


WOW, i didn’t expect to feel this challenged. I though i would find it quite easy to run every day but it is hard! Mostly i feel absolutely great, its fun to know im running everyday even if its a mile. I know in the long run (no pun intended :D) it will make my running better. Im working on a more positive out look on my runs and im surprised i have enjoyed most of my runs. Right now my legs are begging me not to move, but by tomorrow morning they will be ready to do a few miles and start the 2nd week of the challenge.

Before i started this i ran 20 miles a week. This week i have done 33! and this month im totaling 60 miles!

Adding my miles up i was not expecting that at all! bring on next week!

Sparkle away,

A x

my working progress

Hey readers and bloggers!

Life has been crazy busy recently, i dont know how you all find time to do it all! i find blogging fun but hard, im never sure on what to write yet i manage to ramble on 😀

So life… Im now running 2 businesses, my nail business and a all new (to me) business selling beautiful hand finished wax warmers. These are a safer alternative to traditional candles. Its fun having the Scentsy as a bit on the side although i didnt quite realise how much i would enjoy it. I find myself often searching my site at the warmers and diffusers and day dreaming about which one i will buy next! I didnt have much free time before i started my second business so now i find little time left to do all my hobbys like running, gym and baking.

This week i dont know how we managed it but we had something like 26 eggs in the house! So we have been eating omelettes, protein pancakes and having eggs every which way! i have also made a cake for hubby to take into work. This time i made a coffee and chocolate marble tray bake. It all went on their first coffee break at 10am so im guessing that was a good sign! i made a basic sponge, split the mixture and made one half chocolate and one coffee, part mixed them in the tin a hey presto! done! unfortunately none came back for me to try. Which is probably just as well as my training has slowed as im currently not training for anything!

Im still hoping to do a yoga class a week, 2 gym sessions and run around 20 miles a week. so far my running has taken a bit of a hit since the Southampton half marathon. I LOVED this run, it was so much fin and i felt so great doing it! although i was 18 seconds from a PB i didnt let that rain on my parade. It was such fun 🙂 although my legs felt it after, more so than the Silverstone Half. We’ve also had a trip to New York, we ran in Central Park which is up there with some of the best moments of my life! such an experience! i thoroughly enjoyed it. The travelling definitely has effected me, last week i struggled to get my runs in, and still this week i dont think i will manage 20 miles. It puts me to shame as hubby does this in just one run! i cant compare my self to him but it does make me feel some what lazy!!!

So life is crazy, but i wouldnt have it any other way ❤ I hope you all have great weekends, hubby and i are of to a Spa tomorrow! much needed i think 😀

Sparkle away!

A x


Sometime i sit and think about how far i have come and whether its enough. what is enough? how many times have i come close to or got to my goal and changed it? will i ever be happy?

I think so.. well i certainly hope so. see i suffer with over thinking which can be exhausting! i spoken before about my lack of self esteem and confidence and always thought that weight loss would be the answer. to start i didnt care how I would get there i just knew I needed to lose weight. I dabbled in different exercise never really achieving much, but then i joined a gym and a year later found running.

It wasnt until the gym and running i started to lose the weight, and i did gain some confidence and my love for fitness. i hit my first weight loss goal and kept moving  the goal post. more and more weight loss please.  then i started lifting weights and I wanted to lift heavier and heavier.  and now with running, i want to run faster and further.

I think about this often and have come to realise its all the journey. i focus so much on my end goal (which is forever changing) that im not enjoying the now. and its all about to change.

I want to be happy and i choose to see that now.

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes and so many different forms. So from here on out i choose to be HAPPY 🌼 everyones journey is different, not one is better than another, i think we all feel the grass is greener on the other side, NOT anymore! I need to learn to be happy with me. My journey,  my life and my decisions. Its the best way for ME, something a little bit of selfishness is needed.

Life is going by so quickly and here i am worrying about how much cake to eat and how much exercise i need to do to burn if that bit of cake! 🙈 lets press the pause button please!

Am i the only one who feels this way?
Sparkle away,

A x

Another race

So this time its the Southampton Half Marathon. Am i crazy?

I dont know what has happened but recently i feel like i have lost my running mojo. For some reason i just dont get the release i used to get from running.

Now the Southampton Half i decided to do just after i finished the Silverstone Half, it seeemed like a good idea at the time. As i was running around the Silverstone track i felt somewhat sad that all that i had trained for was over. All my runs, goals and training would be finished.  Nothing to motivate me and nothing to carry on for… Hello Southampton 😀 now 6 weeks on and like i said, mojo gone. Just 5 weeks ago i ran into a lamp post! and i must say, my knee isnt still 100% many of you may say that i shouldnt run, but hey. Its only 13.1 miles and Hubby is doing the Marathon!

This will be his first ever full marathon. Hes so ready for this. Im so proud of him, his dedication and determination is unreal and inspires me no end! I cant wait to be there to cheer him through the finish line!

His brother has also entered the half, ild like to think i would be running along side him but he is super speedy! Hes done so many races this will be a walk in the park for him. So really its just me with little faith that i can do it. Well, i know i can do it, ive done the distance but i feel recently i havent done the training needed to smash this the way i wanted.

Anyway, its time. The carb loaded dinner has been eaten, extra water has been drunk and now its just rest until the nice and early wake up call tomorrow!

Lets hope i wake up rested and with my mojo back!

See you the otherside,

Sparkle always,

A x