Fiji has landed!

I am crazy for this spring summer 2017 collection. It seems like it has been a long winter and these BEAUTIFUL colours are just what i need to pick me up! These colours have gone down a STORM with my ladies and we are all enjoying the much needed pick me up these fun colours bring.


OPI’s new Fiji collection s/s 17 is available in all 3 GelColor, Infinite Shine and Regular Lacquer.


So i have purchased 11 of these fabulous colours, ‘Exotic birds do not tweet’ (yellow) didnt make it in to my shopping bag this time as honestly i felt it was to similar too one i already have and yellow is not a massively popular colour.

These colours are really lovely and i felt they needed to be shown of on hands rather than a colour pop. Lucky i had a few volunteers happy to help ❤

 These are my models nails pre mani.

 as you can see we had great fun creating this multi coloured mani 😀


All super gorgeous colours. The index finger has a beautiful silvery shimmer and the pinki has a lovely green iridescence to it. As beautiful as this green gray is, i reall wish OPI would bring out a solid grey shade! The other 3 are a real solid creme.


All 5 of these are creme colours, they apply and cover beautifully. These all have 2 coat except *NO TAN LINES which had 3. These really arnt like these other OPI colours, they are more vibrant than the other ranges i have.

 Stacey opted for *LIVING ON THE BULA-VARD as her final colour to show of to the world! and what a great choice! its a really sassy colour and screams summer fun!

Now as i couldnt fit this colour on *COCONUTS OVER OPI here it is on another clients hand. This colour has probably been the most popular so far. Nudes have really been the trend so far this year, but with Spring round the corner i have a feeling this new collection is really going to take off!

Thank you all for reading! let me know your thought on the collection, if you have used it and what colours your loving!

Sparkle away,

A x


Holiday time!

I have been of to a crazy manic start to this year! I cant get over Christmas was less than a month ago, it feels like its been about 6! 

Work has been silly busy, i love love love my job (luckily!) So far this year Nude has been the go to colour. I absolutely love nude nails atm! Especially with GLITTER! follow my Facebook or Instragram page to see what ive been up to @nailenvy13 💅 let me know what you think ❤

Training has been really busy too. After the race last week i have toned down the runs. Im working towards my personal goal of 30k a week still, which for the last 2 weeks i have completed. Ive done a few more sessions at the gym too. I love how strong i feel after a session, although im staring to wonder if im doing the best training for me or if im stuck doing the same routines again and again. I found my self yesterday not sure on wether to run or go to the gym. So i decided to run to the gym! Maybe my motivation has gone slightly now. Maybe i need a break.. which leads me too.. MY HOLIDAY!

Hubby and i are ski fanatics! We love fresh powdery white slopes and blue skies! We have skiied every year since we met in 2011 and thought this was going to be the first year we wouldn’t be able to. Hubby had work commitments, and until last Monday it didnt look like we could go. Fortuantly they had to rearrange a deadline and we decided to book up a chalet in France before anything could change again! So were sat here now  waiting to met the others staying here and have a lovely meal cooked by our chalet host, Stacey.

This is so exciting as we really didnt think we where going to get away! I think with life being pure crazy since the wedding, work being manic and having guests over Christmas, a week just the 2 of us will do us some good! I have had to put the decorating on hold (again!) But sometimes we have to put ourselves first!

Ive even brought a new hat! 🙈 i really cant wait to get out there tomorrow! Follow my instgram @rungirlrun90 to see photos (wifi isnt great in these snowey mountains and wont let me upload them 😣)

Sparkle away!

A x

Christmas and nails

Christmas is coming. it’s my favourite time of year! I love the music, the trees of course pressents but mostly GLITTER! glitter is everywhere. and what I love even more are my clients who equally love the glitter! 

It can completely transform a set of nails and lift a clients mood. it’s great! most sets I do at the moment have some glitter involved. 

I absolutely LOVE these rich Christmas colours! these  nails have a small glitter fade with silver Christmas stamps. they are so fun! my client was thrilled with these! 

Ooohhhh these! not your typical Christmas nails (colours) but still so beautiful. I think the white glitter really sets of the snowflakes on the nude pink. ❤

These are my nails at the moment. I’m all about the nudes and subtle colours a the moment. I’m not usual one for gold, but being the festive season and all I thought i would give it a go. I mixed 2 glitters here to get the big and small glitter fade just right.

I don’t think I can honestly say I have a favourite design for Christmas. snowflakes are always a popular choice for December and January. mostly client try to match their nails with an outfit, event or occasion. which worrys me to start but feel we get there, it’s interesting seeing how the designs build. my clients have alot of faith in me,which is lovely but It always surprises me when I see how happy they are. 

Today one of my best friends challenges me with candy cane nails. I love the idea but I’m so picky with my lines ild rather not do them. but practice makes perfect. she pushed me on and here they are..she was so pleases with them,they were straight on social media! 😍

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope it sparkles!!

Sparkle away!

A x

Weekly nails

Hi readers! today I really wanted to show you some of the nails I have done in the last few weeks, as I did originally set this blog up to do this 😂

You will soon see I’m a glitter mad gal! and luckily.. so are my clients! we are coming into my busiest time of year and most definitely my most GLITTERY! Christmas is my favourite time, everyone is in a great mood and quite experimental with their nails. maybe adding a bit of sparkle or a subtle snowflake.. or maybe even a full Christmas scene!

Here is a beautiful sparkley faded French using Lecente glitter, with an added snowflake for this festive month.

These… 😍 I love experimenting with gels. here I’ve used OPI gelcolor over gel extensions. using a silver, white and the shinmery blue to marble the colours together to create this effect. it’s a subtle sparkle and this photo doesn’t catch how pretty these are ❤

Ooohhhh some really sparkley ones! using the same lecente glitter from before, all over in the ring fingers and a fade over the index. here I’ve used a Moyou Christmas stamp over one of my FAVOURITE OPI gelcolors ‘Russian Navy’ it’s a beautiful intense navy blue with a very subtle shimmer. it’s stunning!

There’s nothing better than a client leaving with a big grin completely admiring their nails.
I post regular photos on my Facebook page that’s linked to my blog. #nailenvy13

Now, with December only days away I’m having to think what I will do with my nails! I would love to see what’s on yours (if you can post comments? I’m still so new to this!)

Sparkle away 🌟

A x