I started this blog after a little push from a very good friend & mummy blogger of mine, to show some of my work. As i started to create this blog ive realised i would like to share my love for a few other things with you all.

SO, on that note, i LOVE my work, which if you haven’t guessed is creating beautiful nail extensions. I strive to design different nails for all my clients weather its something simple and elegant or all the way out there themed nails with all the glitter and art i can fit on there!!

Another passion of mine is going to the gym and running. ive only recently, in the last few years, really got into my fitness. its something ive always wished i could get into but never quite managed, but then something changed. i started losing weight (3 stone now) and became more confident. i noticed my strength increased and things i struggled to do before where becoming easier.. and then my competitive side (that i didn’t know existed) well and truly kicked in. i love working hard and seeing results, looking back at where i started and finally being please with what ive achieved.

My POOCH has my heart, i absolutely love walking him. hes a 4 year old black lab. sleeps all day and runs like mad given the chance. hes mine and my husbands Prince. i never knew how much joy you could get from a pet, but he has such personality, hes a GEM!

CAKE, brownies, shortbread, cookies. any baking, or cooking, calms me. my kitchen brings me much joy and i love feeding up my friends and family.

so here my blogging begins, it may be a bit random but i hope you have some fun reading it, and perhaps it may encourage some to bake, run or even go a little bit out of your comfort zone with you nails (we all love sparkle deep down!)

A x