July challenge week 4

Im writing this weeks blog mostly from a beautiful Villa in Mallorca. My family and i have travelled out to celebrate my big sisters big 3 – 0 birthday! be fear not, my plan to run everyday is still going ahead, i hope. Man its hot out here, most days reaching 35+ degrees! Im planning to run early, but im quite nervous about running around on my own. So we will see.

24-7-17 Hubby and i ran together for 3.5 miles today, same route in Binissalem avg speed 8.24. This route starts on a gravel path, road, gravel path and road again finishing on the same stretch of gravel. Im definetly a road runner, gravel paths thow me!

25-7-17 Today was a busy busy day, we went to Palma and caught a train to Soller. We were up so early my run had to wait. I wasn’t sure i was going to make todays run, hubby wasn’t feeling it and we had walked so much today. Anyway, i changed as soon as we got in and set off, i knew if i waited around i would never run. My legs are tired and heavy, i cant quit now. 25 days in. Today was mainly road, avg 8.17 just 2 miles. its was hot and hard, im so tired!

26-7-17 ive woken up full of determination. I missing a longer run. Hubby is soundo, i dont want to wake him so i sneak out nice and early. My confidence is growing, i feel pretty safe out here and im doing the same route we have done all week. This morning is the coolest its been and im going to take advantage. I set off and my legs feel surprisingly good, i thought i would be struggling more by now, im realising the only struggle is in my head, my legs are more than capable for this challenge and running more distance. Maybe next mouth i can challenge my brain to be more positive? back to my run, i enjoyed it and did 5 miles avg 8.18 i finish my run feeling very pleased with myself.
27-7-17 home time šŸ˜¦ this is my last run in Binissalem, Hubby has joined me and we do a little 3.5 miles avg 8.19. I have enjoyed running through the little town here and i will miss it. It warmed up again today and it is hot hot hot! last day to chill by the pool and get a few last lenghts in!

28-7-17 Back at home, back to normal and reality. Im working today 9-6 and planning to run after. im absolutely beat so a quick round the block to keep me going is all i can manage. 2 miles avg 8.20

29-7-17 Over the last few days i have developed a bit of a cold, im feeling sorry for myself but now so close to the end i dont want to stop running. Straight out of bed i grab pooch and do another quick 2 miles. Not as slow as i thought now looking at strava, 8.34 avg. im hoping for a long run and maybe a cheeky gym session tomorrow… lets see how i feel.

30-7-17 todays run was 5 miles and a gym session in the middle. Hubby and i went out with pooch, they ran with me to the gym and then they went home, i did my work out and ran home. Not as long as i wanted but as usual i got a bit carried away in the gym on my legs, i will never learn!

31-7-17 my last run day! i cant believe i have made it this far! so today i ran 3 miles before work. I could of carried on but time was against me. I have finished on a high šŸ˜€

So thats it. My running challenge has FINISHED! I feel a sense of relief as i really wanted to do this, i put pressure on myself not to quit, even on holiday. There were many days i didnt want to run, my legs felt tight and heavy.  This challenge has taught me i CAN do it! I CAN run, daily, short distances, longer distances, 2 hours ect my body can do it, now i need to work on a more positive mind. I want to enjoy my runs more and work towards my new challenge… a Marathon. Maybe not this year but its definetly in my plan.

My month July miles: 136.1

Now time to celebrate with some new trainers!!

Sparkle away,

A x


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