July Challenge week 2

Week 2 of my July challenge and im still going! I must admit i thought i would have given up by now, i have surprised myself. I started this week tired from last and the long run i had done yesterday. Im now dreading next week when yesterdays long run will turn in to race day!

10-7-17 Forest run, i really really wasnt feeling this run this evening, but hubby took me and the pooch to the forest and we did a really lovely 3 miles. It was a prefect evening and my legs really needed the run, although a flat route would of been preferred!!

11-7-17 Gym run. Normally i would go to the gym in Mondays and track train on Tuesdays, but with running everyday and the race on Sunday i thought it would be best to skip track, especially as this evening they are doing a 5k Championships- im definitely not feeling that! So a little jog to the gym, a sort of all over work out and then i finished of running home and rounding my miles up to 3. A lot flatter than yesterday so much better for the legs! – squats not so 😀

12-7-17 Morning run with Sammy, today was okay, just a little 2 miles to start my day. Wednesday is yoga day and i have also decided to go to a 30min ab class… this was very good, i really enjoyed abs and will go again 🙂 today was my day off work, what better excuse do I need to bake? Sticky lemon tray bake 🤤 for 1 😂

13-7-17 Evening run. Today should of been a club run, i really wanted to go but as soon as i found out the route i knew i wasnt up for it. With the race not to long away i did not need those hills in my life!! So hubby and i had a lovely jog down by the river, a total of 6 mile. I really found this run hard, my legs are starting to feel really heavy and tired. I have a sore knee which flares up from time to time, now is the time 😦  I need a day off but i refuse to take it. A short 2 miles is the closest im getting to a rest!
14-7-17 2 miles – thats all i can do. First thing with Sam around our way before work. Im finding it hard – but i wont give in!

15-7-17 2 miles- its race day tomorrow, there is no need for me to go to crazy. My weekly mileage has already increased and i really dont want to over do it for tomorrow. I ran slightly quicker than yesterday, probably as i didnt have the pooch sniffing a weeing round every corner!

16-7-17 RACE DAY – the day i have been dreading all week. I have been so worried about today! St Georges 10 miles road race. This is our clubs race and they have done such a great job! this is the toughest run i have done to date! it may not be the longest distance but those hills!! the were so tough and the heat today! it started cloudy but the sun broke through and wow! it was a stonker! I worry so much and didnt think i would finish this run, with a stick at 6 miles and my knee choosing to pipe up around mile 8 – there were times i though i just couldnt finish. It may not of been a PB for me but it was a course record ( as i have only done it once previously!) i finished in 83 mins 30 sec, coming overall 43rd out of 147. I cant believe it but i was the first lady back for the road runners! getting myself a extra medal for being part of the second lady’s team! it was a struggle, but my 2 new medals make it all worth it!

A big well done to all the runners today! all the mashals and the IOW road runner committee for making today happen and making it such a sucess! You guys are the best and im so glad to be part of the best running club of all time!


So this week i really have gone through the running mill of emotions, but im finishing on a high! Ready to carry on my running next week – even with our holiday starting Thursday i still plan to run daily!! Lets hope its not to hot!!!

Sparkle away,

A x


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