my July journey

July 2017 – My personal challenge

1-7-17 the start – today i have decided to challenge myself to RUN everyday. I want to do this challenge as right now im not sure i will be able to do it as i have a holiday coming up and i work crazy hours, but i feel determined! I want to increase my fitness and running ability, and surely this can only be achieved by running more!

My plan is to train on Tuesdays, Yoga on Wednesdays and Club run on Thursdays. I will aim to do a long run over the weekend and smaller runs with my pooch on those days i’m going to the gym or yoga. Hopefully i will still manage 2 gym sessions a week too!

Today i did 5 miles. 42 mins of running along the river. It was a beautiful day with a slight breeze. Perfect to start my challenge and get me motivated for the rest of the month!


10 miles. Sunday flat run with hubby. Well this was the plan, until we started running! We ended up doing a 12 mile run (my longest run for quite a few weeks) and it was quite hilly towards the end! It was a really beautiful run, the sun was still shining today, we went by the river and into the forest so it was nice a cool. Runs like this make me want to run on and on and on! A lovely easy run, i’m not sure how i will feel during tomorrows run!


2 miles with pooch ❤ i woke up this morning knowing my run was looming, i though it would be best to get my running gear on and go! and that’s what i did! I couldn’t bring myself to do 3 miles as my legs were tight! so i thought it would be best to enjoy my running instead of doing to much and hating the rest of the month. It was a long working day for me and i was so pleased i got up this morning and went. DAY 3 DONE


Training day! keeping a positive mind set is key. I’m quite new to training and with Sundays run still in my legs i knew tonight would be a toughie! but as always, i feel so much better for going (even though after every lap i was convinced i was going to quit! i didn’t.. i kept going) i went and now I’ve had dinner i feel great!! 😀 we did 6 x 1k reps and 4 x 500’s.. i am KNACKERED! tomorrow is yoga and i need it!!



2 mile run with pooch to start my day, followed by 1hr of arms and core and then a good 1hr 15 mins of yoga. I was so looking forward to this yoga class as it a harder class and i LOVED it. It was a slightly faster paced class, i really felt great after my mornings workout ❤


Massively busy day at work today followed by a 4.1 mile Club team run, This was such a fun run! it was Girls vs Boys. We firstly nominated our team time, and then set off! faster runners looped back ending up doing more miles – but this ment we all finished in our teams. no clock watching aloud! as girls are the best we, of course! won!! 🙂 this really was fun as i spent time talking to the members of the club and really enjoying the run. I ended up doing  5.5 miles with the club, 1/2 a mile there and back and a quick mile with the pooch after. a total of 7.5 miles!



ok, ive done my normal 20 weekly mines already, im slightly worried about doing to many to quickly, but i set myself a challenge, im not stopping now.  Work done, im off to the gym. today i only did a 1 mile on the treadmill followed by 30 minutes workout. i feel bad for only doing 1 mile, but i on a time limit today and i still ran! a runs a run right? i did realise today i really dont like the treadmill anymore! considering this is how i started running, i much more about running outdoors and seeing the scenery!


morning run with my fave running buddy 😀 2 little miles.. already for my long run tomorrow!


Long run today! We ran with the club this morning, 10 miles around a course we will be racing next week. It was long, hilly and very very hot!  I’m glad we did it but i cant say i’m looking forward to racing it next week. so far the hardest run i have done! lets hope its a little cooler next time! I totaled 12.3 miles as we ran there and back!


WOW, i didn’t expect to feel this challenged. I though i would find it quite easy to run every day but it is hard! Mostly i feel absolutely great, its fun to know im running everyday even if its a mile. I know in the long run (no pun intended :D) it will make my running better. Im working on a more positive out look on my runs and im surprised i have enjoyed most of my runs. Right now my legs are begging me not to move, but by tomorrow morning they will be ready to do a few miles and start the 2nd week of the challenge.

Before i started this i ran 20 miles a week. This week i have done 33! and this month im totaling 60 miles!

Adding my miles up i was not expecting that at all! bring on next week!

Sparkle away,

A x


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