Crazy work life

WOW! were does the time go? these last few months have FLOWN past!!

Life has been just so crazy! i have recently started up a second business, which is going really well and i’m having so much fun with it. Running it alongside my main business means my free time is dwindling away fast, but i don’t mind! I like to keep busy and LOVE seeing how much my family, friends and clients react to these products! everyones a addict!!

I’m loving the freedom my new venture brings ❤ having 2 business that work around me are great. Now don’t get me wrong, direct sales is hard. Not everyone wants to see the products you sell, but my clients so far love them! I think it helps that  i love them and have them everywhere 😀


Fancy checking out what im up to? have a look at

Now the nail business! well, it surprises me still everyday how much we all love our nails and want them to look good! Daily i get asked ‘whats trending’ ‘whats popular’ ‘what have you done most today’ and its always SO different, 1 client will have a classic french mani were as the next client may have a full set of neon madness or unicorn  nails!! Glitter is a must in my nail room, most of my ladies are as glitter mad as me! which is such fun!

Check out my daily nails at


Thanks for reading, i’m hoping to get back into blogging in the next few weeks, so watch this space!

Sparkle always,

A x




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