my working progress

Hey readers and bloggers!

Life has been crazy busy recently, i dont know how you all find time to do it all! i find blogging fun but hard, im never sure on what to write yet i manage to ramble on 😀

So life… Im now running 2 businesses, my nail business and a all new (to me) business selling beautiful hand finished wax warmers. These are a safer alternative to traditional candles. Its fun having the Scentsy as a bit on the side although i didnt quite realise how much i would enjoy it. I find myself often searching my site at the warmers and diffusers and day dreaming about which one i will buy next! I didnt have much free time before i started my second business so now i find little time left to do all my hobbys like running, gym and baking.

This week i dont know how we managed it but we had something like 26 eggs in the house! So we have been eating omelettes, protein pancakes and having eggs every which way! i have also made a cake for hubby to take into work. This time i made a coffee and chocolate marble tray bake. It all went on their first coffee break at 10am so im guessing that was a good sign! i made a basic sponge, split the mixture and made one half chocolate and one coffee, part mixed them in the tin a hey presto! done! unfortunately none came back for me to try. Which is probably just as well as my training has slowed as im currently not training for anything!

Im still hoping to do a yoga class a week, 2 gym sessions and run around 20 miles a week. so far my running has taken a bit of a hit since the Southampton half marathon. I LOVED this run, it was so much fin and i felt so great doing it! although i was 18 seconds from a PB i didnt let that rain on my parade. It was such fun 🙂 although my legs felt it after, more so than the Silverstone Half. We’ve also had a trip to New York, we ran in Central Park which is up there with some of the best moments of my life! such an experience! i thoroughly enjoyed it. The travelling definitely has effected me, last week i struggled to get my runs in, and still this week i dont think i will manage 20 miles. It puts me to shame as hubby does this in just one run! i cant compare my self to him but it does make me feel some what lazy!!!

So life is crazy, but i wouldnt have it any other way ❤ I hope you all have great weekends, hubby and i are of to a Spa tomorrow! much needed i think 😀

Sparkle away!

A x


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