Another race

So this time its the Southampton Half Marathon. Am i crazy?

I dont know what has happened but recently i feel like i have lost my running mojo. For some reason i just dont get the release i used to get from running.

Now the Southampton Half i decided to do just after i finished the Silverstone Half, it seeemed like a good idea at the time. As i was running around the Silverstone track i felt somewhat sad that all that i had trained for was over. All my runs, goals and training would be finished.  Nothing to motivate me and nothing to carry on for… Hello Southampton 😀 now 6 weeks on and like i said, mojo gone. Just 5 weeks ago i ran into a lamp post! and i must say, my knee isnt still 100% many of you may say that i shouldnt run, but hey. Its only 13.1 miles and Hubby is doing the Marathon!

This will be his first ever full marathon. Hes so ready for this. Im so proud of him, his dedication and determination is unreal and inspires me no end! I cant wait to be there to cheer him through the finish line!

His brother has also entered the half, ild like to think i would be running along side him but he is super speedy! Hes done so many races this will be a walk in the park for him. So really its just me with little faith that i can do it. Well, i know i can do it, ive done the distance but i feel recently i havent done the training needed to smash this the way i wanted.

Anyway, its time. The carb loaded dinner has been eaten, extra water has been drunk and now its just rest until the nice and early wake up call tomorrow!

Lets hope i wake up rested and with my mojo back!

See you the otherside,

Sparkle always,

A x


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