A well needed break

I didnt realise how much i needed this day off until it was here. Just on Wednesday i saw a deal on a local selling page for a spa day with 2 mini treatments and lunch. A friend of mine was well up for it so we booked it for today! Sunday 9th April, just 4 days after!

I had mostly forgotten in those short 4 days that we were having a spa day. I had done my usual exercising during the week, so far 2 runs, 2 gym sessions and a yoga class, lots of dogs walks too. I has been a real crazy week as my hubby has been working away so it was down to me to keep the house up together, the dog happy and still cook nutritious meals , even if they were just for 1! Yesterday after work as the weather was so nice, i thought i would have a break from running but cycle to my Nans for a visit. It was such a lovely ride, i think it will make a good running route too now the ground is dry and not too muddy. Its always nice to find a new route to run, i think hubby will really enjoy it, and probably the dog (perhaps its a bit long for him)

So my usual busy week with a little more todo. I woke up this morning realising i was short 7 miles of my 20 miles a week target. i laid there, in bed thinking how nice it would be just to stay there, but i knew if i didnt get up and do it i would regret it. so i thought, just do it. Just get ready and go, and just see how far i can do. I wasnt too fussed about hitting the target this week.

Shorts on, headphones ready and trainers laced. No breakfast needed as i wanted to get out there before it got too warm. I had chosen my route and off i went. For this run it was more about my heart rate, i wanted to try and keep it around 150. A nice relaxing run. And it was, i was so glad i went out. I ended up at Carisbrooke Castle. The views were beautiful. It was so fresh out! it was only about 8am, hardly anyone around but so warm already. I finished my run and managed my 7 miles in just over 1hr. I got back home ready to make my breakfast when my 2 best friends were already for their walk, it would of been rude for me not to join. Breakfast was just going to have to wait a bit longer! so of we went to our local park for Sams regular walk. Such a beautiful morning!

So far this isnt sounding like much of a day off… but im getting there. After my yummy omelette i had to do a quick food shop and then i had to get ready… SPA DAY!

As soon as we got there we were shown around and then left to our own devices. It was nice and quite. So lovely and peaceful. We went straight to the detox box, in for a swim and then to the relaxation room. Lunch was served outside by the pool. I cant believe how quick time was going, nor the fact i was sat outside in my bikini in April!

We quickly got into the hot tub and stayed put whilst we put the worlds to right! Back to the relaxation room were there was a selection of herbal teas and water on offer, the sun was getting really warm now and with out sun cream i did not want to risk getting sunburnt! It was so nice and quite in the spa, just like children we jumped from sauna to hot tub to pool up until it was time to go for our treatments. We both opted for back massages and facials. It wasnt until i was in the room and started to fully switch off that i realised, this is just what i needed. No pressure, no rush, no nothing. I had nothing to do but lie here and relax and enjoy, so that is what i did. After what felt like a lifetime of being pamper only to feel like it wasnt long enough as soon as it was over, we headed back to the relax room for herbal tea and more relaxing. I can honestly say i thought i could fall asleep! Not like me at all.

We headed home soon after. The spa day we brought on a wim has turned out to be exactly what we both needed. This has been the break i needed, it may only have been for a day, but the right company and the sun shining, it felt like we had been taken away to another country!

Now for a short week and then the Easter weekend ❤ I hope you have all had great weekends! and dont leave it as long as i have to go and have a well earnt break!

Sparkle away!

A x


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