Bournemouth Bay Run 2017

Lets quickly go back to April 2016, My first ever competitive race. Boy was i nervous, i had signed up for the Great South run in Oct and thought this would be a good opportunity to see what i could do in a race. There was 1056 competitors, my fab hubby came 14th with an amazing time of 39.28! I was a little further behind, i was the 370th person to cross the line in 55.56. I was the 125th women. Not to bad for my first race i thought.

Flash forward to today, Sunday April 3rd 2017.

I cannot believe this time last year i was about to run my first 10k, little did i know it be the start of my love for racing ❤ This year i was super excited to see how much i could improve my time by, and now knowing the course, the sneaky zig zac that is strategically placed in the middle of the course was no surprise for me. I knew how to pace myself, when to push and when to hold back. This year, my big sister was racing too! I was more excited than she was! My sis was my inspo and got me into running. My fitness journey started and unfortunately hers slowed and stopped, over the last few months though, she has dusted off her trainers and started running again. Im so pleased i was able to encourage her at the start of the race and cheer her through the finishing line! She did AMAZINGLY at 1.06.05! shes only done the distance just a few times! Im so pleased for her! Im really hoping now she has done her first race she might get the bug and run alongside me again!

Now back to my run. I have done a few races since my first BBR getting some lovely PS’s along the way, doing all new distances including 10 miles and even a half marathon. I have well and truly caught the racing bug. A few weeks ago (you may know if you follow my blog) i ran in to a lamp post… yes, ran into a lamp post!! I can laugh about it now, luckily i sort of sore it in my preferential vision and was able to protect my face! but my knee collided nicely with the steel shell of the lamp post. I couldn’t carry on running, hugely embarrassed, i walked home. I rested for a few days and then i was stuck down with an ear infection, in BOTH ears 😦 Not a great week for me! So my training has been a little off, and with the BBR creeping up i was starting to realise i may not be in for a PB, but i would still run anyway. Sadly this is not what my body had planned. Thursday night after an 8 mile club run, my knee was a little sore, and then my ear infection came back with an vengeance! not good just a few days before the race.

Back on the antibiotics and resting my stupid knee, my excitement for the race was disappearing. I would still go and watch though. Mike has been training hard all year and i wanted to support my sis. We had a lovely evening in Bournemouth and with a good nights rest, i woke up not wanting to miss out and give in, i was going to run to my best ability’s and see what happens 🙂

As it happened, i felt rather good and although i didn’t get a PB, it was a course PB. It was quite an improvement from last years run. My chip time was 48.15 (7min course PB) i was overall 131st and the 24th woman over the finishing line! I was quite happy, everything considered and i knew i could carry on getting PB’s on every run!

Mike did incredible! and all his hard work is paying off! he came overall 4th with a stonking time of 36.05! a course PB of 3mins! Im so so SO proud of my hubby and my sis! they both have done so well and im glad we all got to do this race together!

The encouragement from the crowd was great, so supportive and it has been a truly terrific day. The sun was shining, not much wind and NO rain! Of course, i couldn’t wait to get to the finish line and get my BLING! its pretty much what i run for and I love that its slightly different to last years, we also got a nice tee shirt which again is slightly different.

Ah i just love a good run!! im more determined now to train the best i can and smash the Southampton Half Marathon in just a few weeks time!!

Thanks for reading ❤

Sparkle away,

A x




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