Post half marathon

Running progress: last week was a bit of a set back week after the Silverstone half marathon.

I walk my dog every morning 1.5 – 2 miles and then maybe the same again in the evening if my hubby cant, or maybe we go together.

So Monday started with a morning walk, busy work day and then a 3.1 mile run. I thought it was an okay run considering it was a day after the race.

Tuesday i had a gym session followed with a walk with Sam and again in the evening.

Wednesday is YOGA day! i love yoga day, a good old stretch after all my running and gym! and again on Wednesday Sam and I had 2 walks.

Thursday… well, morning walk with Sam to start, Thursdays is our day we run with the IOWRR’s. We were doing a 24 min out and back run were we should aim to run home quicker than on our way out. Not to bad i thought, it was a new route for me, a bit up hill to start but nice to run back down. I was happily running at the back of a small group of 5, easy pace. I thought i would just check my watch to see my states, when BANG, straight into a lamp post! Ive never been so embarrassed! i can NOT believe i ran clean in to a big black lamp post! luckily i sort of saw it and put my hands up to protect my face. I think i would of knocked myself out. My poor knee went straight into it. Lucky no one saw but heard the big bang. i tried to keep running but it was too painful. I managed to run 2.3 miles before i had to walk 1.4 home, this was definitely a ‘You’ve been framed’ moment. One i wont forget in a hurry. Although no one saw, i had to shamelessly walk past the rest of the road runners, who were all so lovely asking, if i was okay and condensed as to why i was walking in the wrong direction. I really wanted the ground to swallow me up! I was so angry! i couldnt run! what if i couldnt run for a long time? i have a race coming up in April!! i cant not run, and what if i couldnt go to yoga? I was mortified! Back at home, nursing my wounds, i started to notice i had a bit of an earache, just what i needed.

Friday, started with a dog walk, ended at my doctors. An ear infection in BOTH ears!!! NOT what i needed! Hubby treated me to a take away curry, i definitely needed a pick me up and this was sort of working, I was worried how long i wouldnt be able to run for, my ears were so sore and my knee was bruising nicely.

Saturday was a 2 dog walks. Oh man, i thought i was okay but just the motion of walking on the pavement caused my ears SUCH discomfort! I had to work and it was the worse day, I struggled to get up and down the stairs, my ears were throbbing. I wanted today to be over. Well, i wanted to be able to go out and run but i knew there was no chance. so i sulked. and walked my dog again!

Sunday started with a morning walk with hubby and pooch. Im feeling better, i’ve decided to not dwell. Im going to the gym and i will do what i can, not to push my self too hard but i needed to get out and do something. Luckily it worked. I came home feeling SSOO much better! So to celebrate i bakes, 10 hot cross buns and a lovely big Victoria Sponge cake with fresh raspberrys!

Im deteemind on having a good week this week! no more set backs and no more running in to lamp posts!!

Hope you all have good weeks, train hard but rest when needed!

Sparkle away,

A x


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