Silverstone Half Marathon

So here we are, my first ever 13.1 mile race. Sponsored by Adidas, the Silverstone half marathon. Wow, what a race. The most nervous i have been pre race to date! im not sure why, i’ve done the training and the distance, so why on race day do I feel the pressure?

I want to do well. Im so lucky i have the support from my husband, his belief in me is unreal and really pushes me through races. My whole family are a huge support as well as my new running family, the Isle of Wight road runners ❤ running, knowing they are all behind me, encourages me to do well for them as well as myself. So maybe this is why i feel the pressure, Silverstone is and iconic location and i think it was perfect for my first half. My dad is really into his bike racing and has been to Silverstone on many occations. Its been great to run round the track i know he has ridden around many times and although im not quite at the speed of him and his R1, i thought of him ‘knee down’ enjoying these sharp bends and fast straights. I wonder if its the same adrenaline enjoyed on this track.

We were able to stay with friends the night before the race as it was a bit of a way from home, with a 12 noon start we had plenty of time to get ready. We were super organised and even packed our proven pre race breakies with us 🙂 i had a yummy porridge with nuts and cinnamon and hubby opted for weetabix and nuts. We left with plenty of time but did not expect the traffic we were hit by! it took us 1hr 20mins to drive 20miles!! honeslty another 10mins and we would of missed the race! The weather wasnt great, so im glad we didnt have to spent to much time standing in the rain, we litrally had to jog from the car to the bag drop area. A quick bathroom break and then we had to head straight to the start line!

The course was good, it was so busy full of detemind runners, all with their own storys. I love looking around and seeing all the amazing organinstions and charitys that are being supported. Its such a great atmosphere. The Adidas team were amazing! so friendly and encouraging, shouting supportive quotes and messages to us all, giving out water, lucozades and hi-fives were they could. The support was overwhelming! Just when i felt a lull in the run, just round the corner supporters cheered us on further.

The last 3 miles i found hard. I wish i had my music to help as the bands that were playing werent always clear, i like a good beat to help my tempo, but then i would of missed out on the guy sinning frozen at the beginning! In my head i could hear my fellow IOWRR’s ‘Its just a park run now!’ now ive never competed in a park run before, and im not sure i want to! its HARD!! The finish was great, i could now hear the crowds and the music. It was such a lovely feeling. Finishing. I couldnt wait to see my hubby. I knew he was in for a great time and i could wait to hear all about his run and share my time with him.

As i took of my time chip, jogged to get my goody bad (best bit!!) i found him! ❤

Mike ran a 4 min PB! an astonishing 1hr 19mins! he came over all 31st! im so ridiculously proud of him! such an incredible time and achievement!! I was a bit slower at 1hr 44mins, still a PB for me as this was my first!! i dont think i have ever asked my dad his time on the bike!!!  Im pleased with my time and my run. Im glad i did it, not sure why i got so nervous before. Races are so fun! we werent able to stay long after the run to soak up more of this incredible atmosphere as we had lunch plans. A well earnt Sunday Lunch with our friends!

The race was really great, i love being able to say i have ran around the track and got an awesome medal!! Full of post race joy, i have now entered ANOTHER half marathon!!! I will be joining Mike in April in Southampton. He will be doing the full and im doing the half! It seems rude not to participate now 😂

I have defiantly caught the running bug!!

Now, to continue the training.. lets see if i can get a PB!!

Sparkle away,

A x





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