running for BLING

Tuesday 7-3-17

Normal work day for me, not a late one as im suppose to be going to track tonight. do i feel like it. no. I kept waking up with sore legs from my previous runs and gym session. I only went to the gym once last week! the week before i hadnt been doing much leg work as i want to focus on my running, but Sunday just gone i couldnt help myself! I did my usual super sets with 20kg sumo squats, good mornings and lunges. At the time i was frustrated as i couldnt get to the squat rack to do a heavier weight. now i am thankful!!

Work has been busy and i have a huge to do list which seems never ending, i finally get round to doing some of things on it and before i know it ive added twice as much! I defiantly was hoping today would be a quick day, tomorrow is my day off and i am defiantly looking forward to it!

Post comes.. ive been waiting for this.. my Virtual Run medal is here!

I placed 30th out of 198 people and completed a total of 94 running miles and 50 walking miles (walked with pooch) I opened my little parcel thrilled when i found out it spins around!


At first i didnt really take these virtual runs very seriously, i just wanted some cool bling that my hubby doesnt have, but ive really started to see the benefit. This was a month long challenge to see how many miles you could cover by running, walking or cycling. When i found myself uming and aring about going out or not i would often think, think of the miles! and before i knew it i would have my trainers or walking boots on with my Polar M400 and i was off! Its a great encouragement.

My day has been turned around! So i owe a big thank you to Virtual Runner UK for my lovely new medal and look forward to my next one!

Im now feeling so upbeat and good that i may pop along to track! possibly with my medal just to show it off!!

Sparkle away,

A x


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