What if we built ourselves up?

Why do we constantly focus on the negative? okay maybe not ‘WE’ but definitely ME. My most immediate thought is negative. To anything, I almost always have to refocus as soon as i can and see the positive.

I struggle to be okay with just me, my achievements and goals. i feel they are never enough. i always feel i could do more, fit more clients in, spend longer at the gym, walk my dog for longer, run harder and quicker. there is always something i could do better.

The more i think about it, the more i notice it. Recently i can see it and hear it in others and this makes me feel soo sad. I speak to SO many great and amazing people daily and listen to the way they are and i can hear it in them. The same thing i say to myself. im just not good enough. Okay so maybe im sensitive to this and perhaps because I feel this way i think i can hear in it others, but there are definitely others that can relate.

As i chat away its obvious to me that this generation is FULL of pressure. Some of this pressure we can not simply get away from, but i do think that by taking a set back and bringing a positive mind set is important and healthy. Things may not always go the way i want, but when i think positively and see ‘i am doing the best I can today‘ i start to believe it, and sometimes that’s all i can do. It sound so cliche but giving myself a positive message can help me tell those niggling negative feelings to do one!  I may not always feel happy, smiley and confident and thats fine, Im not a crazy robots that can conquer all with no emotion, and I wouldnt want to be. Its a constant battle of accepting that its okay to be a bit down some times and stopping myself from dwelling on it.

Im not saying that with my positive mind i can conquer all my problems and rule the world. but i am saying, seeing it through a different light can help me make more positive decisions and help me feel better and more positive about things. its a great cycle. when i feel ive done a good job i will smile to myself, and that FEELS great, so why not get the same feeling from a positive thought? Starting this process with positive thinking is NOT by any means easy, those negative thought are SSOOO powerful, but bare with it. Its worth it. If a negative thought can snowball why cant a positive thought do the same. I challenge you all to think more positive and see how it can change your day.

Try it, and let me know how you get on, follow my insta @rungirlrun90 to follow my journey

Sparkle away,

A x


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