90th Birthday

My fabulous Nan turned 90 at the beginning of Febuary 2017 and i had the pleasure of making her CAKE!

Now i love cake, i love any reason to bake a cake and feed cake to everyone! It gave me great joy to be able to bake my nans cake as this very lady taught me all my baking skills and still encourages me to be creative and keep baking, even when i dont turn out a great bake. She truly believes i will be the next Mary Berry and i wonder if TGBBO was still showing she would have me signed up in a heart beat!

I finally decided on 2 flavours for this masterpiece, a light classic vanilla sponge and a dark chocolate truffle cake, both covered in a dark chocolate ganache. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to decide what type, flavour and style of cake i would bake for my nan, although i knew she would be happy with a classic sponge i wanted it to be more special for her.

img_1682So here is my finished cake. I went to a local cake shop and hired the numbered tins, they were a little tricky to get used to but i got the hang of them in the end. funny little things, i mean they didnt have a bottom so i had to line them with foil – which was not as easy as it sounds, as place them on a baking tray. ( i prayed at this point the cake mixture wouldnt just pour out!)

I firstly baked the chocolate truffle cake, and unusual recipe, more of a brownie texture. I had my doubts about this as it had alot of egg and not much flour and took over an hour to bake! I didnt rush it though and i think it came out rather well. Next was the vanilla sponge. Nice and easy, just a larger about than a normal. i dont think i really appricaited how the tins would effect the bake of the cake, this started to worry me as i hadnt bakes a sponge for an hour before. i was so worried it would be hard and crispy! Thankfully i stuck to the recipe and checked the cake regularly and took it out just on time. I always myself stressing when i bake for others that when they cut into the cakes they will either be raw in the center or hard as a brick! luckily i havent had this happen but i do like to worry!

So after having a day to stress, i needn’t of worried, i was able to slice these in half perfectly and check out the centers before covering them in the dark chocolate ganache i made and cooled.

The ganche took AGES to cool down to the right temperature! i all most left it too long as i decided to go for a quick gym session to help get rid of my nervous energy!! It didnt take me too long to get in to the swing of icing, i was so worried i would get the ganache everywhere and make a right mess of things! After the whole cake was iced i realised it still looked a bit bare and plain. Not quite how i had imagined. I had brought some gold glitter and shimmer powder as i wanted the cake to be simple and effective rather than to fussy.

I had alot of fun with the glitter powder! how it changes the look of the cake!


I added a few chocolate swirls and that completed the cake. Once we got to the hall, I added a 9 and a heart sparkler and a few candles for when we sang Happy Birthday to her.


Here she is looks all beautiful and fantastic! i was even able to get a birthday selfie with her. She was ever so happy with the cake, it all got eaten and i was even asked to bake cakes for the WI my nan attends! not sure i could quite deal with the pressure but i took it as a big compliment. My nan even phoned several times after to tell me how much everyone had enjoyed it, and the party of course. My nan did a super job organising every and the fabulous buffet lunch.

It really ment so much to me being able to do this for her, it was a bonus that it was enjoyed and even though element of this cake were tricky, i loved making it and i cant wait to bake more!

Thanks for reading my little blog about my nan’s 90th cake. Hope you enjoyed it ❤

Sparkle away,

A x


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