Bramley 20/10

Race Day Sunday 19-2-17 and what a day!

It was a long day for us coming from the island, but it was worth it! i haven’t enjoyed a race this much. im really pleased with my time and who the run went, its left me wanting more and i cant WAIT for my half marathon in only 3 weeks!

We started nice and early at 6am getting our nutritional brekki in, trying to drink plenty of water too. ready for our ferry at 7.15. my first official race as a Isle of Wight Road Runner, i felt like it was my first day at school in my new gear 🙂  i was so excited being part of the best ever running club! on the ferry were are all talking tactics for the run, there was only a small number of us running and i was the only one running the 10miles. I dont think i could mange doubling the distance, i have great respect for those that did! i hope one day i will be able to run for that distance and time! my hubby finished 20miles in 2hr 8mins! a phenomenal time! the group i run with have some amazing runners and they have such great determination! they really inspire me.
I was quite nervous as we started the race as i prefer to run with headphones but at this race it was a big no no. I didnt want to be disqualified so i played by the rules and left my headphones in my bag. I wasnt really sure what time band i was starting in, all the 20 milers and 10 milers where running together. the route was 10 miles long, so the 20 milers had to go round twice.

I find my Polar M400 a great help when im running.  My hubby has set it up for me so when im running i can see how far i have been and how fast im going. He normally gives me a target time which i always think is way out of my abilitys, but i bare it in mind. As i run, i like to take in my surrounding, the landsape and other runners. I like to see them as my target and slowly take them down one by one. hehe! its defiantly encouraging, until i need to slow down for a sec and they get their own back! it makes it a bit fun. As i steam on, i check my watch and realise not only am I running at hubbys target pace, im going faster! im so shell shocked, the bugger was right, again!! after a quick panic thinking i will need to stop any second, i calm down and realise, im doing it. im actually doing it and im okay! no need to panic! Dont get me wrong there are plenty of time during the race that i want to stop and quit. Like every time i saw a camara lense pointing towards me! but i knew the end goal is worth it, the feel when its all over, the drink of water, the banana and MEDAL waiting for me at the finishing line!

Its such a euphoric feeling finishing a race, the feeling is great motivation for the next one! Its all over and ive done it! I was aiming to finish this run 5 minutes faster than my last 10 mile race, i bet it by 7 minute! 1hr 17mins, i really couldnt believe it, and now i cant wait for him to come over the finish line so i can tell him! i didnt have to wait long, by the time i had changed, looked in my goody back and proudly put on my medal. i walked over to the finish to watch him come over, 2hrs and 8 mins! What a stonking time! i completely forget about me and focused on my hubby! hes never ran this distance and this was the furthest he has raced! all in good prep for his marathon. I thought i was proud of myself but i was so overwhelmed with pride for him! he was in the top 50 and was the first roadrunner across.


The day was amazing! Its made me more excited for our half marathon. The IOWRR’s have really welcomed me into the club and i cant wait to do more runs with them! I couldnt believe it when hubby and i made there newsletter too! It was such a lovely write up and has made me want to push myself even further.


For now, my training will continue for the half. I have done a few track sessions, i may write about this another time! its so hard, but i hope the benefits will show in my next race!

Sparkle away,

A x


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