Keeping motivated

RACES! this is how i keep myself going, joining and looking out for new races. Although i know im not going to win, i want to still try hard and get the best time I can get.

So i have a race on Sunday, Brambly 10 mile. Im so excited as this will be my first official race as an Isle of Wight Road Runner and with a UK Athletics number. I have my club vest and hoodie all ready, my race pack semi ready. I hadnt planed on entering this race, a fellow IOWRR no longer can race so ive taken her place, I have to take my pack on Sunday to get it all transferred to my name.

I’ve up’d my weekly miles this year from 10-15 to 20-25 miles. Im trying hard to do at least 1 run a week over 10 miles as i am in training for the Silverston half marathon. I do a club run which variys in distance and earlier this week i went on an actual track session! with a real coach. I completely felt out of my depth. My running is a hobby, its scary being with all these serious runners who are training for marathons and triathlons! ive never reallyu classed myself as a ‘real’ runner, but prehaps i am?

The track session went well-ish. I didnt think at the time i had done well, i had painful blisters on the arch of my feet and with the 10 mile race just a few days away i was trying not to over do it. It didnt work! im hoping as i havent ran since i will be okay on Sunday!

All these little thing keep me running. The idea of going out in the cold, wet, dark evening does not strike me as a fun time, but knowing im with like minded people and thinking about my upcoming races, it pushes me through.

I have my virtual runs keeping me going to! My January challenge worked so well and i LOVE my Unicorn medal. This mouth is all about the miles, walking, running or cycling. I walk daily with my dog and when im undecided about a run, i think of the miles im missing out on and then off i go! so far i have completed 84 miles! i love getting a bit of bling!

Hubby and i have just signed up for the Bournemouth Bay 10k run in April. Im so excited for this run. This will be a milestone for me. I completed this run last year. My first ever race, in 55 min 56 sec. I cant believe i did it once and now im looking to take 10mins of that time! (well… we will see :D)


Looking back on where i started and how far ive come is ALWAYS a great way to motivate me. i never EVER thought i would run. let alone in race with other people! i have moments when im extremely proud of myself, and i am pleased with what i have accomplished. as we all should be – i dont think we all give ourselves enough credit.


So to keep me motivated I :

  • Train with a club! – having others around me is SO encougaging!
  • Join races! – a bit of healthy competition is great!
  • Virtual runs! – keep me wanting to go out for BLING!
  • Looking back! – thinking about how far and being thankful for what i have achieved
  • Social Media! – its great to get encouragement from fellow fitness friends

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Sparkle away,

A x


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