Doing the distance

Now i’ve signed up to the Silverstone Half Marathon in just 5 weeks. Thats just 37 DAYS! So i need to do some serious training!

The furthest i have ran is 13.8 mile’s, so i have covered the distance before. It was a really hard run for me. The first week in 2017. On average, in the last few months of 2016, i was running about 10-15 miles a week with 2 or 3 gym sessions and a yoga class on top of dog walking every day. The day before my big run which was 3.8 miles longer than any other run i had done, i had a very tough leg session at the gym lifting weights and pushing my self. So why i decided as i woke up on that Sunday morning, that i wanted to do a 2 hr run i have no idea. I struggled right from the first mile. My lovely husband stayed with me and kept encouraging me on.

Before i knew it i was in a good rhythm and at the half way mark. We stopped and had a little stretch and then i realised i was so far from home and the only way back was to run! I started struggling again, i felt my legs where cramping and i was losing momentum. My hubby runs alot faster and further than me and i could see he was keep to push on, so i encouraged him to go ahead. Sometimes im better just running on my own. It was only for a mile or 2 before i saw him jogging towards me just a few miles from the end. I was pleased how far i had ran but frustrated with how tough i was finding it. just a mile to the end i was losing it, i had been running for 1hr 50mins and it wasnt fun anymore. I was determined to complete my 13.1 miles even if it killed me. This was made harder as my watch was in kilometers and i couldnt do the math!! i knew if i got home with just under 13miles i would of been devastated!  all of a sudden i thought of a good post run treat! and that made me pick up my pace!!


Banana and peanut butter on a toasted wholemeal bagel with a lovely latte ❤

So i had done it, completed my first ever long long run. I was waiting for the lovely runners high to set in as it does after i get in, but it never came. I enjoyed my running treat, and looked at my running stats. I was happy with my time but not how i felt. It took about 4-5 days for me to feel like me again. I did go for a little run the day after (just 30mins) and carried on with my gym sessions like normal. i still felt down, i cant quite explain how i really felt, but i can only put it down to over training, increasing my run too quickly?


Since this run i have done a few longer runs, this weekend i did 11.5 miles, i could of done more but i was on a time limit. I love running (mostly!) and im hoping that my bad experience from earlier this ear will not effect me again. Hubby thinks i can do this half marathon in 1hr 44mins!  I think this is pretty ambitious but i love his faith in me.

Hes taking me to his track session next week and introducing me into interval training. Im so nervous but excited too! Im hoping this will really help me in my training and hopefully get me somewhere near my target time.

I’m hoping for a really nice medal 🥇🙈

Any tips fellow runners have are totally welcome!

Sparkle away,

A x


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