Half marathon… it’s ON

I can’t believe it! I’ve only gone and signed up for a half marathon! Why? I have no idea, but right now I’m so excited I can’t wait!

I wanted to remember how excited I am by letting you all know in my blog ❤ I’m so thrilled I feel fit enough to enter, I know I will get past the finish line at some point. It’s all down to how hard I work and train now to how my time will be.

 I have ran the distance just once before and it left me feeling really low, but this time.. I know there will be a shiny medal waiting for me 🥇 hehe! It will be worth it! 

I had set myself a goal this year to do a half marathon race.. and now it’s happening! 

I’m so lucky to be running with my supportive hubby! Although he’s speedy Gonzales and will do an incredible time and will finish in under 80mins! Just knowing he will be waiting for me at the finish will just push me to run that little bit quicker. 

So my goal is 1hr 50mins. This seams like an unreal target but I’m aiming high! The race is in March so only 5weeks to go!! Am I CRAZY?!

Anyone have any training tips? I’ld love to hear them!!

Sparkle away 

A x


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