Ski week ❤

Don’t we all just love a good holiday?! My husband and i booked just 4 days before we went on our Ski holiday last week. It all happened so quick, we where there before we knew it. I was (like most) hoping we where going to get a good deal, but still paid a similar amount if we had booked in advance, which was fine. We love to ski and its worth every penny! (even with the pound to euro rate AMT)

We stayed in a catered chalet in France, an area we have been to before with my family. I was a little nervous as it was just my husband and i and we where staying  in a chalet with possibly 10 strangers, but the company was great and we have made friends and will stay in touch with them all. There was 3 other couples so 8 of us in total. We bonded well over breakfast and even more over our 3 course evening meal, we book for the hosts night off and went to a lovely steak house as a group and had a ski day all together the next day 🙂 it was so fun, i really enjoy watching others ski. You can really see the passion and joy and freedom people have when they ski. its FAB! 4 difference couple completely, different age groups with difference backgrounds, jobs and interests but we all got on so well.

It was such a lovely week! just what me and the hubby needed! ild give up almost anything to get my skis on and get down a fresh red run! ild even put up with the bad service again, although our holiday was super we did have quite a young host who was very inexperienced and to be honest didnt really make any of us feel welcome in to the chalet. everything seemed like hassle- even clean sheets was too much to ask for. There was also unfortunately a bug going around the staff and most of them where off ill, so no ones fault really just a shame as it had quite an impact on our week.

But it didnt stop us, we skied over 200 miles of the Les Arcs resort. We had blues skies and very quite pistes, perfect conditions!

Its amazing how a holiday can make you feel so refreshed and relaxed, yet as soon as you get back home it seems like a distant dream! back to normal and reality- ive sent in my Unicorn challenge Virtual run stats in now, i managed 104k before we left for holiday.  I was slightly off from my 30k a week goal (this was set before we knew we were going to go away) but im still pleased and my medal is AMAZING!

Sparkle away,

A x


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