Holiday time!

I have been of to a crazy manic start to this year! I cant get over Christmas was less than a month ago, it feels like its been about 6! 

Work has been silly busy, i love love love my job (luckily!) So far this year Nude has been the go to colour. I absolutely love nude nails atm! Especially with GLITTER! follow my Facebook or Instragram page to see what ive been up to @nailenvy13 💅 let me know what you think ❤

Training has been really busy too. After the race last week i have toned down the runs. Im working towards my personal goal of 30k a week still, which for the last 2 weeks i have completed. Ive done a few more sessions at the gym too. I love how strong i feel after a session, although im staring to wonder if im doing the best training for me or if im stuck doing the same routines again and again. I found my self yesterday not sure on wether to run or go to the gym. So i decided to run to the gym! Maybe my motivation has gone slightly now. Maybe i need a break.. which leads me too.. MY HOLIDAY!

Hubby and i are ski fanatics! We love fresh powdery white slopes and blue skies! We have skiied every year since we met in 2011 and thought this was going to be the first year we wouldn’t be able to. Hubby had work commitments, and until last Monday it didnt look like we could go. Fortuantly they had to rearrange a deadline and we decided to book up a chalet in France before anything could change again! So were sat here now  waiting to met the others staying here and have a lovely meal cooked by our chalet host, Stacey.

This is so exciting as we really didnt think we where going to get away! I think with life being pure crazy since the wedding, work being manic and having guests over Christmas, a week just the 2 of us will do us some good! I have had to put the decorating on hold (again!) But sometimes we have to put ourselves first!

Ive even brought a new hat! 🙈 i really cant wait to get out there tomorrow! Follow my instgram @rungirlrun90 to see photos (wifi isnt great in these snowey mountains and wont let me upload them 😣)

Sparkle away!

A x


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