First week of Jan-Its been busy!!

Run run run, walk walk walk, gym gym, yoga, work work work work work! My first week of 2017 complete. Work has been crazy! fitting in clients after Christmas and New Year has just been manic, then i have the fitness. Some times i find it a chore, other times a complete release.

This week i have ran 31.9 miles a massive improvement from my usual 10-15 miles a week. I think my husband and brother in-law have seriously motivated me to get my bum in gear and do more miles. My hubby runs about 60 miles a weeks and bro in-law more like 80! They make it look so easy! I gave my self a little challenge of running a half marathon distance so i decided to do this on Sunday with hubby. After a tough gym session on Saturday it really wasn’t my best plan, but i though i would try and just see how it goes. It amazes me how powerful our minds are, im glad i had Mikey with me to keep encouraging me on. I can be quite a negative thinker and was worried i couldn’t do it, my legs where already achey and i had only ever ran for 10miles before! But i powered on through and completed 13.8 miles in 2hrs. 

I was quite disappointed at first, but perhaps for my first HM distance it was okay. Room for improvement. I half found this a chore but had a few blissful moments where i felt strong and unbeatable.. then i started thinking again and remembering how far i still had to go!! I was glad when it was over! I treated myself to a lovely toasted wholemeal bagel with peanut butter and banana! My hubby hates this but it was such a treat for me!! ❤  the thought my bagel kept me running! run for the peanut butter!!

I’ve walked my dog for over 4 hrs this week (he does come on a few runs too) I find walking with him (when hes good on the lead) a great pleasure. It really gives me time to appreciate the little things in life. We really have some beautiful walks round here and i can see the joy it brings my dog. I was never an animal person before but how he stole my heart! just seeing him run around and wag his tail can make a bad day wash away very quickly!

2 gym work outs and a lovely hour yoga class also in the bag for this week. i wish i could fit more yoga in tbh, i should perhaps do more at home. Its amazing how my yoga practice really helps in other aspects of my life. Making me focus on my breathing and posture, its really helped with my stress and anxiety but also with my posture helping me at the gym and on my runs. I love the gym now. I find its a great way of getting rid of tension and stress. I dont do much cardio at the gym but try little hit sessions and lie to challenge my self with different weights and super sets. I love leaving feeling strong and confident. The gym will be so busy for the next few months so i may try and focus more on running. I have a race on Sunday so i will be gearing up for that too!

To encourage me to keep running, i have joined a virtual run this month. After completing more than 10k i will receive a beautiful unicorn medal! im so excited i cant wait. I have chosen this miles challenge to try and run as many miles as i can between the 1st at 31st of Jan. As i said earlier i average at 10-15 miles a week so i would like to up this to maybe a solid 20 and just see how many i can do. I want to feel i have earnt my medal.

What targets do you set to keep yourself’s going? How do you beat the January blues and stay positive?

Sparkle away,

A x


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