Gym – Working progress

The gym has been a place i have dreamed of going to but always felt i wouldn’t belong. Full of fit, healthy men and women, not a place for a unfit overweight teen.I was always too nervous to go on my own and friends at the time didn’t have much interest.So i found my self putting off going, thinking maybe one day i will go… and i did. I had a random burst of confidence and booked a induction with my local leisure center – on my own! I was so nervous, not really knowing what i was doing and panicking that i was being judged left right and center. Before the session started i has to fill out a form with all my weight details and fitness concerns and goals on, then to be weighed and MEASURED! I was mortified, but as the ‘one journey’ suggested in 5 weeks i would be re-measured as then able to see before and after results. Hoping this would boost my confidence more (not at the time i could see how) i obliged and carried on with my induction, you have to have 3 before you can roam the gym on your own.

When i started the gym, everything looked so scary, there was no way i could use the machines and do the things everyone was doing quite competently. So i stayed in my safe zone- cardio with a few weight machines. It wasn’t until a friend did join the gym, we ended up learning new routines and my confidence grew. I had my 5 week review and saw the results. I was also starting to feel the benefits of going to.

Funny how things i was so terrified of became my challenge and my goal, and now they are just part of my routine, some of them even to warm up!

I love looking back and remembering how i first felt at the gym and what i now have accomplished. Along with losing weight, its the confidence i needed most. i never ever thought i would feel so at home in lycra at the gym. Nothing gets me in the gym quicker than some new gym wear!! I often remember how i felt at the gym when i first started and January brings lots of new faces in, i always try to smile. No matter how big/small – thin/fit – healthy/unhealthy we are, we all in the gym for a reason. I find the hardest part is getting there, we don’t know each others stories but we all want to work hard and see results.

My favorite things to do in the gym – other than talk!! are leg work outs. I have pretty strong legs and feel they need to be good at something. Yesterday i did 3 sets of 50kg squats along with 100kg leg press. im sure to some this could be their warm up-these where some of the scary machines i avoided a few years ago!

Enjoy your next work out! be friendly if you see a newbie in your gym 🙂
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Sparkle away,

A x


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