Whats your resolution?

Happy New Years to you all!

Many of us will have lots of new goals and achievements set for 2017. Over the last few years mine have always been the same, very generic, to lose weight and quite smoking. Thankfully i quite smoking when my husband and i brought our house in 2013 (so 4 years now!) i haven’t looked backed and its never bothered me since.

Weight loss. Now, this has been on my new years resolution for ages! im ashamed to say i have felt uncomfortable in my own skin for far too long and felt losing weight was my only option. it wasnt until the last few years i have realised its not about weight loss. weight is not a problem we should worry ourselves about. Health. Being fit and healthy is now my focus. yes i will always be driven by what i see on my scales as i weigh my self too often. but i know deep down i am the healthiest and fittest i have ever been. i have had in my head for too long that i wanted to be a perfect ’10’. 10 stone, size 10 on top and size 10 on bottom. i have NO idea where i had this idea from. i reached this ‘goal’ last year but still wasnt happy.

So here i am, with the rest of you, contemplating what resolutions i will have for 2017. I have decided that whilst maintaining my fitness and health is very important to me, i want to focus on my mental heath. i want to be able to look at myself and think, ‘yes i have worked hard. i may not be where i will end up, but for now ive done my best and thats OK!’ i feel silly for just writing this and have no idea how i will believe it. but hopefully, just possibly, by the end of 2017 i will be happy and comfortable in my skin?

So here is to 2017! lets take a minute to actually appreciate what we have overcome in the last few years, thank our bodies for being able to do it! Take a minute to go for a walk and be thankful for what we have and enjoy little moments a bit longer, lets stress less and enjoy more!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and resolutions for 2017,

Sparkle away,

A x


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