Virtual running

Im so excited! i have just signed up to some Virtual Runs with @VirtualRaceRunners !!

After liking the page on facebook and watching the different medals pop up and very quickly become ‘sold out’ i decided it was time to act quick and get in on this action!

i must admit, im really doing it as i love the look of the medals and also a percentage of the entry fee go to charity. i like to do my bit 🙂 at first i didnt think i would take the races to seriously, but the more i think about it, and after i received my conformation email, i realized i should take it seriously. there are so many places per race and i just know my competitive side is going to kick in. i like to be in the top 50%, i believe this to be possible. but really deep down, i want to be higher, more like the top 10% – a little bit more un-achievable. im going to work hard. im going to push harder, and im going to get a few friends to sign up too!

After signing up, i though, this will be easy peasy, i run these distances anyway, why not get a nice shiny bit of bling for it! im now seeing the benefits i too quickly overlooked. these little medals are going to make me work harder and encourage friends to join me and also accomplish runs they might not of done before. Genius!

i cant wait for my first 1, its a minimum 10k run dedicated to Mind, which is a charity i relate to and have raised money before ( i will be posting my great south run soon!!) and i get a REALLY COOL UNICORN medal!!!

I recommend everyone to join, i havent even done my run and im feeling great! it doesnt matter if it a new distance or challenge. as Nike would say.. Just Do IT!! and i promise you will feel good!

Sparkle away,

A x


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