Christmas fitness- having your cake and eating it too!

Merry Christmas everyone! i cant believe it is that time of year all over again! i so look forward to it and before you know it, it’s all over. but only 361 days to go! – you can never be too prepared!

So one thing i always worry about this time of year is juggling a full-time job, wife duties, dog ownership duties, friendship and family duties and my workout/running schedule. in my mind i like to run 2-3 times, gym 2-3 times and have a yoga class too with 1 day off a week. some times i fit it all in, sometimes i dont. on the weeks i cant fit everything in, i sulk. i find it very hard to not exercise, i give myself a very hard time for it. i know this isnt the best way to be but i cant help it. my exercise is important to me as it helps me on so many levels. it helps keep my weight under control – which i always worry about, keeps my mind at ease – i really can sort through my day at the gym or whilst running, it really clears my head especially on a bad day! helps keep my mood  good and my anxiety levels low. so when i feel i cant fit this time in you can see why i get down.

the pressure to be able to do all these things is hard but well worth the feeling on a sunday evening when i know ive done my best and got it all done, if not, i think about everything i have done and how ive been feeling and start the new week knowing i will work harder to get it all done.

i love all my friends and family, i wish i could spend more time with all of them. im so lucky to have such suportive friends and family. i see them regualrly for their nail appoinments, but need to spend more time on more social evemts with them. thanks to technology, none of them are ever far away from a quick message, snapchat or fb update 🙂

i work from home, so i like to keep my home and nail room clean and tidy. so on working days im always scurrying around with the duster or hoover in between clients. my days always start by walking my dog, possibly a run if i know i wont fit one in later. all this helps fo when this festive time comes ❤ i know if i work hard i can get it all done.

i am a choc-a-holic! and i love to bake! Christmas is a time i love to be in the kitchen baking any thing i can! this year i have done, almond shortbread, cinnamon shortbread, gingerbread, a lemon and raspberry semifreddo, mint brownies, dark chocolate orange brownies, a couple of christmas cakes and some mince pies!  i dont eat them all to my self but the temptation is there! i often offer them out to family and friends. my poor husband is constantly being feed goodies!

All this makes me run harder and push harder at the gym. i want to be able to enjoy christmas treats and christmas meals without feeling guilty. which is totally normal. we only have one life and why should we avoid everything we enjoy? i want to have my cake and eat it too! – i just have to realise i cant do this everyday!

so far i have been able to manage keeping on top of my exercise, ive started a running instragram page which i find very encouraging. also my husband inspired me to work hard to, he has started running in the last few years and he is AMAZING!! i wish i could run like he does. his brother who is staying with us for christmas is also a phenomenal runner. i have been out with the 2 of them and felt way out of my depth with them! But dis my fastest run yet!

This new year i really want to focus on keeping fit, increacing my run pace and distance. i would love to inspire others to get on the fitness wagon! its helped me no end and would love others to benifit too.

I hope you have all enjoyed Christmas and looking froward to seeing the New Year in!

Sparkle away,

A x


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