Running progress

So yesterday morning was a run day. I had only done 4 miles during the week as hubby and i went to Bournemouth to watch a band and see my lovely big sis and her fiance. My hubby is such a great and confident runner, he went twice down rhe seafront whilst we where away. I only managed 1 gym session with my sis, a great session tho. It was nice to mix things up a bit and see a different gym.

I knew once i got back i needed to run tho. Work was crazy on Saturday and i didnt actually get too mad at myself for having the day off (exercise) which leads me to my run.. i think about blogging alot whilst i run. How i will write my blogs, why i do it, if anyone actually reads it, why anyone would want to read it ect. Ive come to the consultation that i like it, i find writing things down helps my anxiety and i can track my progress easily for my training. I hope what i write inspires others to go out, start running or prehaps try a new thing or too.

So my run.. i headed out on a route which i knew to be 7 miles, there where a few areas i could extend it to. I wanted to really blow the cob webs out and do a long one. I always set out not 100% sure how far or how long i will run for, but just seeing how i feel at the time. Im very hard on myself and know if i say im going out for 4 miles i will do 5 or 6!

My route was quite hilly. I ran to a town i grew up in. I ran on the main road (it was quite being early Sunday morning) and then along some side streets (to got the miles in!) I stopped at mile 4 as i saw my aunt and uncle. I stopped quickly as i didnt expect to see them, i was shocked at how light headed i went! I had to sit on the wet floor. I guess running without eating wasnt a good idea. After about 10mins i felt better and off i went again. Determined to go for 8 to 10miles (definitely 8 otherwise i wouldnt get home!)

I started running again preparing to go slower but felt fine. I did complete 10miles. Its only the 2nd time i have done it. The first being the great south run which i did it 1hr 25.  When i looked at my clock and realised i was running a similar time (even with the hills) it really pushed me to finish quicker.


I really couldnt believe i had done it in the same time as a completely flat run! – although i had a little hicup and felt i wasn’t running well, when i saw this and was home, i felt couldn’t believe it! I was so happy!!

Its that feeling that drives me. Pushes me harded each time and helps me get out the door on wet foggy mornings.

I would love to read your runninh stories, post your links in the coments ❤


Sparkle away!

A x


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