Gym day

Who loves a good gym day? Yesterday was my gym day with my big sis. She’s such an inspiration to me. She started her health journey a few years ago and helped and coached me through mine. She’s really made me realise and understand its not about weight loss, it’s about being healthy. Eating right is so important. You need to eat right to be able to do everyday things, let alone train. 

Here she is! We trained in her local gym, warming up with interval training on the cross trainers. Then we moved on to some squats, good mornings and lunges. We love a good leg day! We warmed up and managed a few sets of 50kg full squats. Moving on for a good ab session with crunches, bicycle crunches, Russian twists, leg raises, plank and some mountain climbers. 

Phew! Busy day at the gym. I loved my session with my sis, It was great to train with her and have a few giggles too. 

I love a morning session and normally go before breakfast, I was so happy to get home and have some yummy porridge with almonds, cinnamon and honey 😊 a good balance breakfast is just what we needed. I don’t often get to train with my sis and look forward to our next one. Sometimes I take the gym to serious so it was great to have some fun whilst working out. 

I love feeling fitter and stronger. It’s great to remember how far you’ve come. It’s easy to forget, which gives you a great boost when you finish a heavy set of weights and remember there was a time you couldn’t lift weights to start with. 

Sparkle away!

A x


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