Love cake?

I have a slight obsession with baking. being in the kitchen is another very relaxing thing for me. well, until I try and the time manage and whilst my cake is cooking with also whip up a batch or brownies and maybe a few oat cookies too! I’ve started to be unable to just bake 1 item!

Baking started with cupcakes and brownies. can’t go wrong, a good crowd pleaser.

I’m no professional baker, but I’ve come to learn I am a professional feeder! I love to feed my guest. You can’t have a cuppa without a slice of cake or a biscuit!

I really enjoyed making this cake for my nans birthday recently. it a lemon sponge with butter cream and lemon curd filling.

i like to make a celebration cakes 3 layers, I feel it looks more dramatic. I had no idea how I was going to decorate this cake until I started. tell a lie. I wanted to make a French butter cream which uses raw eggs. I tried but I wasn’t happy with the finish, so I scrapped it and went back to basics. which I feel went in my favour on this occasion.

The cake went down so well with may nan as she’s a fan of a lemon sponge 🙂

I pipped the butter cream and lemon curd around the edge and then swirled them together in the middle so it wasn’t to sweet.

The worst thing about a 3 layered cake is its so hard to travel with! I drove so carefully to my nans,but it did look a bit like the leaning tower of piza!! lucky there wasn’t to much damage done!

Oohh all this reminiscening makes me want to go and bake! I have a lot of christmas baking to do. this year is the first year I have ever attempted a Christmas cake! I can’t wait to ice and decorated it them!

Sparkle away!

A x


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