Weekly nails

Hi readers! today I really wanted to show you some of the nails I have done in the last few weeks, as I did originally set this blog up to do this 😂

You will soon see I’m a glitter mad gal! and luckily.. so are my clients! we are coming into my busiest time of year and most definitely my most GLITTERY! Christmas is my favourite time, everyone is in a great mood and quite experimental with their nails. maybe adding a bit of sparkle or a subtle snowflake.. or maybe even a full Christmas scene!

Here is a beautiful sparkley faded French using Lecente glitter, with an added snowflake for this festive month.

These… 😍 I love experimenting with gels. here I’ve used OPI gelcolor over gel extensions. using a silver, white and the shinmery blue to marble the colours together to create this effect. it’s a subtle sparkle and this photo doesn’t catch how pretty these are ❤

Ooohhhh some really sparkley ones! using the same lecente glitter from before, all over in the ring fingers and a fade over the index. here I’ve used a Moyou Christmas stamp over one of my FAVOURITE OPI gelcolors ‘Russian Navy’ it’s a beautiful intense navy blue with a very subtle shimmer. it’s stunning!

There’s nothing better than a client leaving with a big grin completely admiring their nails.
I post regular photos on my Facebook page that’s linked to my blog. #nailenvy13

Now, with December only days away I’m having to think what I will do with my nails! I would love to see what’s on yours (if you can post comments? I’m still so new to this!)

Sparkle away 🌟

A x


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