Monday morning… again 

Monday comes round soo quickly, and there is no better way than to start it with a RUN!

As I dragged myself out of bed dreading the thought of a run, I knew I needed to do it. I only ran once last week which is unlike me, so I forced on my running gear, laced up my trainers and got my running buddy.

After what felt like a life time waiting for my GPS watch to kick in,we were off! nice cool fresh air in our lungs, full of energy, we set off, no actual plan of where we were going, just one foot in front of the other. This is just what i needed to clear my head and get me ready for my day. A nice short run for the morning i thought, but minutes into the run and feeling much better i decided to go around the forest.

My training buddy couldn’t be happier! now off the lead he was certainly enjoying life! sniffing around where he hasn’t been for a while, taking in all the new scents and leaving his own. running with him off the lead is sssooo much better, all until he jumps in front of me, which he did several times this morning! we powered on up through the forest. it really is a lovely time of year to run. although it’s chilly to start, once your warmed up the cool fresh air is welcomed. I was looking around and realising Autumn really is coming to an end. all the beautiful crisp red, orange and even yellow leaves now falling on the floor. They give great sound effects and whilst were running through and the trees starting to looking so bare without them.

Running really is a great head clearer. whilst I’m running I think of so many things. family, husband, dog, work, clients, cleaning the house, blogging, Christmas and the list goes on! the start can be so overwhelming as I struggle to switch off, but the more I run I seem to sort through my thoughts and make sense of things. it’s so refreshing. sorting and planing. making things that have previously stressed me out or annoyed or fraustrated me, drift away into nothing. turning negative thoughts and feelings in to power that drives me to run fast, further and harder.

Here I am running along thinking and trying to remember to breathe, I look down at my watch only to see we have ran 5 miles already! Still a few miles from home, my poor pooch will be knackered! quickly we leave the forest and start going home. I never thought I could get lost in running and lose track of time and distance!

We eventaully battled our way through the waves of school kid (i normally miss the school kids as im home eating a yummy omlette by then!!)  and managed a total of 7.5miles in 1hr 6mins. considering i thought i was going quite slow im quite happy with that- which also boosts my mood and confidence with running. not that long ago the thought of this distance and length of run would of send me straight to the sofa knackered! (ive only been running a couple of years, only this last one a little more seriously)

I hope this inspired someone to jump in to their trainers and get out there! as rubbish as I felt to start with I certainly feel great now! it really is the best way to start my day! so Mondays arnt so bad anymore 🙂 and.. i can eat more cake now!!

now, i have a busy day creating pretty nails whilst my little pooch gets to snooze and get ready for his evening walk!

Hope your day sparkles
A x


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