This is ME

Hello readers!

Welcome to my blog. Im very new to this and not really sure what to expect. Over the last few blogs i have started to realise how nice it is to write, for my anxiety, fitness progress and just in general. I originally started this for my work, im a nail technician and have been for 7 years now. I wanted  place i could talk about work, show pictures of nails and perhaps a few how to’s.  As i have posted a few blogs now ive notice how i love to write about fitness. I never thought i would be one to get into fitness and exercise, but after writing and reading a few blogs im inspired and I would love to motivate/encourage others.

I talk ALOT with my clients about everything, ive noticed how alot of our chat revolves around fitness and food! dont they just go hand in hand!

So my journey. I never did sports in school, i got out of P.E at every chance i had. right from the offset of having to get changed in front of everyone was enough to put me off. its very sad looking back and realising just how uncomfortable i was in my own skin. I did enjoy walking, but never went out of my way to go. I started a Zumba class with colleagues when i started work,., it was fun for a few time but really not my cup of tea. so i decided that dancing on the weekends after a few drinks was enough to keep me fit!

It wasnt great at sticking to classes or exercise really, a couple of times a week i would do a few mat work outs at home, not really knowing what i was doing. I started a Spinning class with friends, which i liked, but as soon as my friends couldnt make it i didnt go either.

SOMETHING needed to change. I was quite unhappy with myself, i wished i could be a little gym bunny, looking good in lycra and counting down the minute until my next workout and trying new routines.. but i knew it would never be for me. I studied nutrition at college but didnt really love it. it wasnt until talking to my big sis (who also got into fitness quite quickly) that i knew i had to change my eating habits and find things i enjoyed for exercise.  i enjoyed spin but didnt want to go on my own. why is it i had to wait for others to do things? i wouldn’t even go shopping on my own. i would of been around 20 at this time. THATS IT! i was going to go completely out of my comfort zone, im not sure how or why this realisation came to me but it did and it was just the kick up the bum i needed!

Once i had started spinning on my own, along side a healthy eating plan (thanks to my big sis) i lost a stone in 1 month. i was hooked. i was seeing results, in a new relationship and a new job my confidence was growing.  So much so that i did in fact sign up to the gym. on my own. i even got measured. it was painfully awkward to start with but after 5 weeks i got re-measured and the results encourage me to work harder.

I also found a new love for skiing! this took me completely by surprise. i was outdoors, cold, wet and required exercise. not my favorite combination. it wasnt until i started skiing i instantly feel in love. i realised i have strong legs built for it! i think deep down i wanted to get fitter so i could ski better and for longer. ive been fortunate enough to ski yearly since that first year in 2007- although if it was up to me ild be there all season every year!!

So hear i am, everything i thought i wasnt. ive gone from 12st something to 9st 2lb. completely inlove with fitness and running. i have alot of people that encouraged me along the way, and if it wasnt for them i wouldnt be here- well i would, but probably blogging about how many chocolate bars ive eaten that day or something! i would love to help and encourage others to find a class or sport that they love. there really isnt a feeling like it when you have accomplished something you didtnt think possible, even of it is taking that first step of walking through the leisure center doors.

Here’s to 2017! a fresh year, with new goals and targets, whether they are for fitness, work or everything else! Lets make it a fab year and SMASH those goals!!

Sparkle away,

A x


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