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Hey readers and bloggers!

Life has been crazy busy recently, i dont know how you all find time to do it all! i find blogging fun but hard, im never sure on what to write yet i manage to ramble on 😀

So life… Im now running 2 businesses, my nail business and a all new (to me) business selling beautiful hand finished wax warmers. These are a safer alternative to traditional candles. Its fun having the Scentsy as a bit on the side although i didnt quite realise how much i would enjoy it. I find myself often searching my site at the warmers and diffusers and day dreaming about which one i will buy next! I didnt have much free time before i started my second business so now i find little time left to do all my hobbys like running, gym and baking.

This week i dont know how we managed it but we had something like 26 eggs in the house! So we have been eating omelettes, protein pancakes and having eggs every which way! i have also made a cake for hubby to take into work. This time i made a coffee and chocolate marble tray bake. It all went on their first coffee break at 10am so im guessing that was a good sign! i made a basic sponge, split the mixture and made one half chocolate and one coffee, part mixed them in the tin a hey presto! done! unfortunately none came back for me to try. Which is probably just as well as my training has slowed as im currently not training for anything!

Im still hoping to do a yoga class a week, 2 gym sessions and run around 20 miles a week. so far my running has taken a bit of a hit since the Southampton half marathon. I LOVED this run, it was so much fin and i felt so great doing it! although i was 18 seconds from a PB i didnt let that rain on my parade. It was such fun 🙂 although my legs felt it after, more so than the Silverstone Half. We’ve also had a trip to New York, we ran in Central Park which is up there with some of the best moments of my life! such an experience! i thoroughly enjoyed it. The travelling definitely has effected me, last week i struggled to get my runs in, and still this week i dont think i will manage 20 miles. It puts me to shame as hubby does this in just one run! i cant compare my self to him but it does make me feel some what lazy!!!

So life is crazy, but i wouldnt have it any other way ❤ I hope you all have great weekends, hubby and i are of to a Spa tomorrow! much needed i think 😀

Sparkle away!

A x


Sometime i sit and think about how far i have come and whether its enough. what is enough? how many times have i come close to or got to my goal and changed it? will i ever be happy?

I think so.. well i certainly hope so. see i suffer with over thinking which can be exhausting! i spoken before about my lack of self esteem and confidence and always thought that weight loss would be the answer. to start i didnt care how I would get there i just knew I needed to lose weight. I dabbled in different exercise never really achieving much, but then i joined a gym and a year later found running.

It wasnt until the gym and running i started to lose the weight, and i did gain some confidence and my love for fitness. i hit my first weight loss goal and kept moving  the goal post. more and more weight loss please.  then i started lifting weights and I wanted to lift heavier and heavier.  and now with running, i want to run faster and further.

I think about this often and have come to realise its all the journey. i focus so much on my end goal (which is forever changing) that im not enjoying the now. and its all about to change.

I want to be happy and i choose to see that now.

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes and so many different forms. So from here on out i choose to be HAPPY 🌼 everyones journey is different, not one is better than another, i think we all feel the grass is greener on the other side, NOT anymore! I need to learn to be happy with me. My journey,  my life and my decisions. Its the best way for ME, something a little bit of selfishness is needed.

Life is going by so quickly and here i am worrying about how much cake to eat and how much exercise i need to do to burn if that bit of cake! 🙈 lets press the pause button please!

Am i the only one who feels this way?
Sparkle away,

A x

Another race

So this time its the Southampton Half Marathon. Am i crazy?

I dont know what has happened but recently i feel like i have lost my running mojo. For some reason i just dont get the release i used to get from running.

Now the Southampton Half i decided to do just after i finished the Silverstone Half, it seeemed like a good idea at the time. As i was running around the Silverstone track i felt somewhat sad that all that i had trained for was over. All my runs, goals and training would be finished.  Nothing to motivate me and nothing to carry on for… Hello Southampton 😀 now 6 weeks on and like i said, mojo gone. Just 5 weeks ago i ran into a lamp post! and i must say, my knee isnt still 100% many of you may say that i shouldnt run, but hey. Its only 13.1 miles and Hubby is doing the Marathon!

This will be his first ever full marathon. Hes so ready for this. Im so proud of him, his dedication and determination is unreal and inspires me no end! I cant wait to be there to cheer him through the finish line!

His brother has also entered the half, ild like to think i would be running along side him but he is super speedy! Hes done so many races this will be a walk in the park for him. So really its just me with little faith that i can do it. Well, i know i can do it, ive done the distance but i feel recently i havent done the training needed to smash this the way i wanted.

Anyway, its time. The carb loaded dinner has been eaten, extra water has been drunk and now its just rest until the nice and early wake up call tomorrow!

Lets hope i wake up rested and with my mojo back!

See you the otherside,

Sparkle always,

A x

A well needed break

I didnt realise how much i needed this day off until it was here. Just on Wednesday i saw a deal on a local selling page for a spa day with 2 mini treatments and lunch. A friend of mine was well up for it so we booked it for today! Sunday 9th April, just 4 days after!

I had mostly forgotten in those short 4 days that we were having a spa day. I had done my usual exercising during the week, so far 2 runs, 2 gym sessions and a yoga class, lots of dogs walks too. I has been a real crazy week as my hubby has been working away so it was down to me to keep the house up together, the dog happy and still cook nutritious meals , even if they were just for 1! Yesterday after work as the weather was so nice, i thought i would have a break from running but cycle to my Nans for a visit. It was such a lovely ride, i think it will make a good running route too now the ground is dry and not too muddy. Its always nice to find a new route to run, i think hubby will really enjoy it, and probably the dog (perhaps its a bit long for him)

So my usual busy week with a little more todo. I woke up this morning realising i was short 7 miles of my 20 miles a week target. i laid there, in bed thinking how nice it would be just to stay there, but i knew if i didnt get up and do it i would regret it. so i thought, just do it. Just get ready and go, and just see how far i can do. I wasnt too fussed about hitting the target this week.

Shorts on, headphones ready and trainers laced. No breakfast needed as i wanted to get out there before it got too warm. I had chosen my route and off i went. For this run it was more about my heart rate, i wanted to try and keep it around 150. A nice relaxing run. And it was, i was so glad i went out. I ended up at Carisbrooke Castle. The views were beautiful. It was so fresh out! it was only about 8am, hardly anyone around but so warm already. I finished my run and managed my 7 miles in just over 1hr. I got back home ready to make my breakfast when my 2 best friends were already for their walk, it would of been rude for me not to join. Breakfast was just going to have to wait a bit longer! so of we went to our local park for Sams regular walk. Such a beautiful morning!

So far this isnt sounding like much of a day off… but im getting there. After my yummy omelette i had to do a quick food shop and then i had to get ready… SPA DAY!

As soon as we got there we were shown around and then left to our own devices. It was nice and quite. So lovely and peaceful. We went straight to the detox box, in for a swim and then to the relaxation room. Lunch was served outside by the pool. I cant believe how quick time was going, nor the fact i was sat outside in my bikini in April!

We quickly got into the hot tub and stayed put whilst we put the worlds to right! Back to the relaxation room were there was a selection of herbal teas and water on offer, the sun was getting really warm now and with out sun cream i did not want to risk getting sunburnt! It was so nice and quite in the spa, just like children we jumped from sauna to hot tub to pool up until it was time to go for our treatments. We both opted for back massages and facials. It wasnt until i was in the room and started to fully switch off that i realised, this is just what i needed. No pressure, no rush, no nothing. I had nothing to do but lie here and relax and enjoy, so that is what i did. After what felt like a lifetime of being pamper only to feel like it wasnt long enough as soon as it was over, we headed back to the relax room for herbal tea and more relaxing. I can honestly say i thought i could fall asleep! Not like me at all.

We headed home soon after. The spa day we brought on a wim has turned out to be exactly what we both needed. This has been the break i needed, it may only have been for a day, but the right company and the sun shining, it felt like we had been taken away to another country!

Now for a short week and then the Easter weekend ❤ I hope you have all had great weekends! and dont leave it as long as i have to go and have a well earnt break!

Sparkle away!

A x

Banana and Oat Loaf Recipe

I love to bake and make yummy treats for my hubby and family. So last week i had such a craving for banana bread and had a few bananas that needed to be used, perfect timing!

This loaf is so easy to make and so delicious and the best thing is its HEALTHY! no refined sugar or crap. Just yummy goodness that is super with a scoop of ice cream and a sprinkle of your favorite nuts!


  • 100g Self Rasing Flour
  • 140g Rolled Oats
  • 1tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
  • 1tsp Baking Powder
  • 1tsp Cinnamon
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 300g Mashed Banana
  • 4tbsp Honey (Algarve)
  • 3 Large Eggs
  • 150mls Natural Yoghart

Preheat the oven to 140-160 degrees fan, prepare your 2lb loaf tin with a little oil or butter of your choice. I use a coconut spray. Line the tin with your baking parchment and i use a liner too. Now the fun part!

  1. Mix your oats, Flour, Bi-Carb, Baking Powder, Cinnamon with a pinch of Salt in a bowl
  2. In a separate bowl with your mashed bananas, add the eggs, honey and natural yoghart.
  3. Add your dry mix now into the wet bowl, keep scraping down the sides and mix until you see no flour streaks. You can if you like now add extras into the mix- i.e chocolate chunks – nuts – seeds)
  4. Pop your mix into the loaf tin and into the oven on the middle shelf for 1hr – 1hr 15mins,


This easy peasy loaf is done! Enjoy the lovely aroma as this bakes ❤ it tastes great with a smidge of your fave nut butter fresh out of the oven!

Hope you enjoy! tag me in your remakes, i’ld love to see your creations!

Sparkle away,

A x

Bournemouth Bay Run 2017

Lets quickly go back to April 2016, My first ever competitive race. Boy was i nervous, i had signed up for the Great South run in Oct and thought this would be a good opportunity to see what i could do in a race. There was 1056 competitors, my fab hubby came 14th with an amazing time of 39.28! I was a little further behind, i was the 370th person to cross the line in 55.56. I was the 125th women. Not to bad for my first race i thought.

Flash forward to today, Sunday April 3rd 2017.

I cannot believe this time last year i was about to run my first 10k, little did i know it be the start of my love for racing ❤ This year i was super excited to see how much i could improve my time by, and now knowing the course, the sneaky zig zac that is strategically placed in the middle of the course was no surprise for me. I knew how to pace myself, when to push and when to hold back. This year, my big sister was racing too! I was more excited than she was! My sis was my inspo and got me into running. My fitness journey started and unfortunately hers slowed and stopped, over the last few months though, she has dusted off her trainers and started running again. Im so pleased i was able to encourage her at the start of the race and cheer her through the finishing line! She did AMAZINGLY at 1.06.05! shes only done the distance just a few times! Im so pleased for her! Im really hoping now she has done her first race she might get the bug and run alongside me again!

Now back to my run. I have done a few races since my first BBR getting some lovely PS’s along the way, doing all new distances including 10 miles and even a half marathon. I have well and truly caught the racing bug. A few weeks ago (you may know if you follow my blog) i ran in to a lamp post… yes, ran into a lamp post!! I can laugh about it now, luckily i sort of sore it in my preferential vision and was able to protect my face! but my knee collided nicely with the steel shell of the lamp post. I couldn’t carry on running, hugely embarrassed, i walked home. I rested for a few days and then i was stuck down with an ear infection, in BOTH ears 😦 Not a great week for me! So my training has been a little off, and with the BBR creeping up i was starting to realise i may not be in for a PB, but i would still run anyway. Sadly this is not what my body had planned. Thursday night after an 8 mile club run, my knee was a little sore, and then my ear infection came back with an vengeance! not good just a few days before the race.

Back on the antibiotics and resting my stupid knee, my excitement for the race was disappearing. I would still go and watch though. Mike has been training hard all year and i wanted to support my sis. We had a lovely evening in Bournemouth and with a good nights rest, i woke up not wanting to miss out and give in, i was going to run to my best ability’s and see what happens 🙂

As it happened, i felt rather good and although i didn’t get a PB, it was a course PB. It was quite an improvement from last years run. My chip time was 48.15 (7min course PB) i was overall 131st and the 24th woman over the finishing line! I was quite happy, everything considered and i knew i could carry on getting PB’s on every run!

Mike did incredible! and all his hard work is paying off! he came overall 4th with a stonking time of 36.05! a course PB of 3mins! Im so so SO proud of my hubby and my sis! they both have done so well and im glad we all got to do this race together!

The encouragement from the crowd was great, so supportive and it has been a truly terrific day. The sun was shining, not much wind and NO rain! Of course, i couldn’t wait to get to the finish line and get my BLING! its pretty much what i run for and I love that its slightly different to last years, we also got a nice tee shirt which again is slightly different.

Ah i just love a good run!! im more determined now to train the best i can and smash the Southampton Half Marathon in just a few weeks time!!

Thanks for reading ❤

Sparkle away,

A x



Post half marathon

Running progress: last week was a bit of a set back week after the Silverstone half marathon.

I walk my dog every morning 1.5 – 2 miles and then maybe the same again in the evening if my hubby cant, or maybe we go together.

So Monday started with a morning walk, busy work day and then a 3.1 mile run. I thought it was an okay run considering it was a day after the race.

Tuesday i had a gym session followed with a walk with Sam and again in the evening.

Wednesday is YOGA day! i love yoga day, a good old stretch after all my running and gym! and again on Wednesday Sam and I had 2 walks.

Thursday… well, morning walk with Sam to start, Thursdays is our day we run with the IOWRR’s. We were doing a 24 min out and back run were we should aim to run home quicker than on our way out. Not to bad i thought, it was a new route for me, a bit up hill to start but nice to run back down. I was happily running at the back of a small group of 5, easy pace. I thought i would just check my watch to see my states, when BANG, straight into a lamp post! Ive never been so embarrassed! i can NOT believe i ran clean in to a big black lamp post! luckily i sort of saw it and put my hands up to protect my face. I think i would of knocked myself out. My poor knee went straight into it. Lucky no one saw but heard the big bang. i tried to keep running but it was too painful. I managed to run 2.3 miles before i had to walk 1.4 home, this was definitely a ‘You’ve been framed’ moment. One i wont forget in a hurry. Although no one saw, i had to shamelessly walk past the rest of the road runners, who were all so lovely asking, if i was okay and condensed as to why i was walking in the wrong direction. I really wanted the ground to swallow me up! I was so angry! i couldnt run! what if i couldnt run for a long time? i have a race coming up in April!! i cant not run, and what if i couldnt go to yoga? I was mortified! Back at home, nursing my wounds, i started to notice i had a bit of an earache, just what i needed.

Friday, started with a dog walk, ended at my doctors. An ear infection in BOTH ears!!! NOT what i needed! Hubby treated me to a take away curry, i definitely needed a pick me up and this was sort of working, I was worried how long i wouldnt be able to run for, my ears were so sore and my knee was bruising nicely.

Saturday was a 2 dog walks. Oh man, i thought i was okay but just the motion of walking on the pavement caused my ears SUCH discomfort! I had to work and it was the worse day, I struggled to get up and down the stairs, my ears were throbbing. I wanted today to be over. Well, i wanted to be able to go out and run but i knew there was no chance. so i sulked. and walked my dog again!

Sunday started with a morning walk with hubby and pooch. Im feeling better, i’ve decided to not dwell. Im going to the gym and i will do what i can, not to push my self too hard but i needed to get out and do something. Luckily it worked. I came home feeling SSOO much better! So to celebrate i bakes, 10 hot cross buns and a lovely big Victoria Sponge cake with fresh raspberrys!

Im deteemind on having a good week this week! no more set backs and no more running in to lamp posts!!

Hope you all have good weeks, train hard but rest when needed!

Sparkle away,

A x